Learn how to integrate Agentology real estate leads into CallAction via email parse. Automate your long-term lead follow-up.

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Import Agentology Leads Into CallAction Automatically

If you are using Agentology currently you can automatically import leads into CallAction for long-term lead follow-up, reverse data-append, nurturing or simply to sync leads into your integrated real estate CRM. View our Agentology workflow.

Using this automation you can setup our basic email settings lead engagement system for a quick follow-up or build a custom drip campaign. All imported Agentology leads will also be nurtured long-term with our Holiday text campaign system.

Steps to Integrate Agentology into CallAction

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Numbers"

  3. Add a new "Phone Number" for Agentology leads

  4. Click on "Manage"

  5. Click on "Email Settings"

  6. Set the "Campaign Name" to "Agentology" to tag leads.

  7. Setup email forwarding rule of Agentology leads into CallAction via our email parse with the following parameters:
    - From:
    - Subject: Unresponsive (or other status in the subject line)

  8. Exclude the Agentology Phone number from being imported via parse.

  9. You have two follow-up options:
    a) Automated Text Response in the email parser settings
    b) Attach a drip campaign from our custom text drip campaign system

All Agentology leads that are imported into CallAction can also be synced in real-time to CallAction integrated CRMS like FollowUp Boss, CINC, Boomtown ROI, LionDesk, Top Producer and others.

You can also automatically sync the lead into Altos Research for a long-term email campaign using market data. 

Want to Try this Agentology to CallAction Integration?

If you are not currently a CallAction lead engagement automation platform user you may setup a free 14-day trial of our system. You can activate your account in less than 9 mins and use this integration for the next 14-days for free.

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