StreetText Email Parser

Learn how to send StreetText real estate leads into CallAction using the CallAction email parser address & StreetText email notifications.

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StreetText Sync Contacts by Email

Are you using the Street Text Facebook real estate ad platform to generate real estate leads from buyers and sellers? Get your Facebook real estate leads into CallAction via email or this StreetText Zapier workflow.

Send New Facebook Real Estate Leads by StreetText Email

Here's how you can easily export your StreetText real estate leads via email into CallAction.

This is simple two-step process of first, getting your CallAction email address and second, entering the StreetText Send to Contact email rule.

Get Your CallAction Email Parser Address for StreetText Leads

We highly recommend you setup a dedicated CallAction / StreetText campaign number to track your StreetText lead conversion and streamline your workflow.

First, we will show you how to find your email settings in CallAction.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Phone Numbers

  3. Click on Manage button of the phone number you will use for StreetText leads

  4. Click on the Email Settings button at top below number.

  5. Copy the CallAction email address

Now, you will go login to StreetText to setup the Send Contact rule and add the

StreetText Email Send New

  1. Go to your StreetText Login

  2. Click top right Settings

  3. Click on Integrations

  4. Click on Add an Email Address

  5. Paste your CallAction email address into the Send Contact To field

  6. Select the Created option in When drop-down

  7. Select the Email and Phone or Phone in the Has drop-down

  8. Select All in the Is drop-down (or whatever you want to send specifically)

  9. Select the Leads for Email Parsing in the Then drop-down

Done, when a lead matching the above rules will instantly be sent to your CallAction account selected campaign. You'll need to make sure you have a drip campaign selected under the Email Campaigns drip campaign setting.

Build Advanced Drip Campaigns to Follow Up with StreetText Facebook Leads

Use our pre-built drip campaigns or build your own advanced drip campaign with ringless voicemail, video, image (& gifs) text campaigns, and automation in CallAction.

Our advanced automated message types and scheduling let you create authentic automation's that improve your sales engagement and lead conversions.

Follow Up with Your StreetText Leads with a Free Trial

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