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Drip Campaign Message Types
Drip Campaign Message Types

View the marketing automation message types and tasks you select when building a custom drip campaign in CallAction

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Message Types

Learn the different types of 12 messages and tasks you can automate using a CallAction scheduled drip campaign. Streamline your lead follow-up and task workflows with different messages and advanced scheduling options. 

12 Task and Message Automation Types

Here's a list of available automations with more details below. 

  1. Audio Text Message

  2. Call Connect 

  3. Create Tag (can push via APIs or Zapier)

  4. Email Image

  5. Email Message (via our email integrations like Gmail, Sendgrid, Mailgun, etc)

  6. Image Text (MMS text to send images including GIFs)

  7. Start a Zap (Trigger a schedule Zap)

  8. Text Only (plain SMS with emojis)

  9. Text Reminder (Text a Task List / To-Do reminder to CallAction user)

  10. vCard Text

  11. Video Text (via MMS)

  12. Voice Message / Ringless Voicemail Message

Use our one of our advance message scheduling options and these message types for over 204 different combinations. 

These options allow your to build authentic automated drip campaigns

Details of Each Automated Message or Task Type

Audio Text Voice Message

  • Audio text is a mms text message with an attached mp3 voice message similar to a Facebook voice message, WhatsApp voice message or Apple voice message text.

    You can pre-record your voice messages and select as an attachment using your media library.

Call Connect ( Outbound Calling Workflow Automation )

  • Call Connect is automatically triggered call to the sales person to connect to the lead. Sales person is called and when they answer and hear a whisper message to press one, the system then automatically calls the contact using the CallAction phone number.

    Calls are tracked, recorded and transcribed. If connected to a CRM the call is logged in the CRM automatically. 

Create Tag (can push via APIs or Zapier)

Email Image (Text Message with Image)

  • This will make an image copy of a parsed email and attach the image to a text message and send back to contact. Use with email notifications that contain images and send a copy of the information submitted back to the contact. 

Email Message 

  • Send scheduled email drip campaign messages using one of our email integrations. API integrations include the following ESP providers: Gmail, Mailgun, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Sparkpost.

    Once an ESP email provider is connected via API you can do drip campaigns with text, email, ringless voicemails. You will see your provider name in the message type drop down.

Image Text

  • Send a text with an image attachment using Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). You can text GIFs, images or videos such as memojis / animojis.  You'll need to upload images to your media library. Once the image is uploaded you can send text with image using drip campaigns or using a canned text response.

    Note: CallAction can also receive images via text. 

Start a Zap (Trigger Zapier Zap)

Text Only (Regular SMS Text with emojis)

  • Send SMS text with emojis. You can also include links to websites, cloud hosted PDF files, etc. 

Text Reminder 

  • Text a to-do or task reminder note to yourself at a scheduled interval in the drip campaign. Use this to eliminate a overwhelming CRM task lists.  Convert task lists to individual text reminders.

    Build custom action plans with to-do reminders directly into drip campaigns. Breaking to-do tasks into individual timely events increases likelihood of completion.  

    You'll receive a text message at the schedule interval with your to-do notes and a link directly to the the contact in CallAction to complete a call back or send a text.

vCard Text

  • Send a custom vCard with all your contact information. You can personalize your vCard. This helps your follow-up process to get your calls answered with using our sales dialer as you wil appear in the contacts phone book. This helps you get past iOS 13 Silence unknown callers option and improve your call connection rates.

Video Text (MMS Text Message with Video)

Voice Message / Ringless Voicemail Message

  • Use our advanced drip campaign scheduling to send timely ringless voicemail messages. Automate the tedious and repetitive lead follow up calls that are likely to go unanswered. Easily record ringless voicemails to include in drip campaigns.

You can now use any of these message types to create a custom drip campaign or import an existing drip campaign template and edit it.

Any and all of these campaign message types can also be used with our text for info service.

Questions about CallAction Drip Campaigns?

You can start a live support chat to answer any questions or book a zoom call. You can also check out CallAction reviews and video testimonials. 

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