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Start a CallAction Drip Campaign from Follow Up Boss
Start a CallAction Drip Campaign from Follow Up Boss

Learn how to assign a drip campaign using the CallAction app embedded into Follow Up Boss CRM

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How to Start a Drip Campaign in Follow Up Boss using CallAction

If you have embedded the CallAction app into your Follow Up Boss CRM you can assign a text drip campaign directly within the Follow Up Boss interface.

Improve Your Lead Conversion with Text Drip Campaigns

Use proven text drip campaigns to create a follow-up system for your Zillow, Realtor, Facebook or Ylopo leads.

Select a drip campaign template or build your own drip campaigns with text, images, GIFs, video and ringless voicemail drops, and our other messages types using our advanced our scheduling options.

First, you will need a CallAction account, turn on the CallAction embedded app, connected the app API and lastly added the contact to CallAction to be able to start a drip campaign.

Start a CallAction Drip Campaign within Follow Up Boss

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss

  2. Click on Persons

  3. Click on the Name of the contact you want to assign a drip campaign

  4. Select the CallAction Drip Campaign to start from the drop-down

  5. Click Start on the pop-up confirmation

Done! The assigned CallAction drip campaign will start based on the campaign schedule. The drip campaign will continue to run until the contact responds or the campaign ends.

Pause, End or Restart a Drip Campaign in Follow Up Boss

You can also manually pause, end or restart paused campaigns using the CallAction app. Simply select the action from the buttons below the drip campaign drop-down.

Add Text Drip Campaigns to Follow Up Boss

You can signup for a free trial of CallAction to install the app and add text drip campaigns to Follow Up Boss to automate your speed to lead follow up and long-term nurture.

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