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What is the CallAction / Follow Up Boss Workflow
What is the CallAction / Follow Up Boss Workflow

A quick tutorial on how to use the Follow Up Boss embedded CallAction app to add multi-step text message drip campaigns to FUB CRM contacts.

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Convert More Leads with the CallAction App Embedded into Your Follow Up Boss CRM

Leverage CallAction text message drip campaigns when embedded and integrated into your Follow Up Boss CRM and our recommended people view.

Why Use the Follow Up Boss embedded CallAction App?

  • Assign advanced text drip campaigns with ringless voicemails directly within CRM

  • Start automated multi-step follow-up campaigns to eliminate overdue tasks

  • Eliminate time-consuming data entry of inbound calls and notes with call capture, recording, and call transcriptions.

  • Generate leads directly into Follow Up Boss using CallAction text for info

Seamless Follow Up Boss Embedded App Workflow

Start, pause, end re-assign drip campaigns without leaving your Follow Up Boss crm.

Avoid consumer confusion of being contacted by multiple phone numbers by using the same call capture number for all communication.

Here's the simple 3 step workflow.

1. Create contacts in CallAction from Follow Up Boss

Simply select a CallAction number and click Add this Contact to create a lead in CallAction

Once the lead is created, CallAction will do a data-append to verify the phone number and type (landline, mobile, voip) and create the contact with the name being a link back to CallAction if needed.

2. Start an Automated Multi-Step Text Drip Campaign

As you click from person to person > the CallAction app updates to display the drip campaign and text message window and assigned text from number. Select the Drip Campaign and press Start

When a lead responds to a drip campaign, you'll see their message directly in the Follow Up Boss Notes. Continue the one-to-one conversation by sending a text message.

3. Send a Text Message to the Contact from Same CallAction Number

Once a contact responds to a drip campaign it's automatically paused. You can now pick up the conversation and send a text message or call from the same CallAction number.

This is a quick overview of the simple yet powerful, scalable solution to add automated drip campaigns to follow up with your leads.

Watch this Video Demo of Follow Up Boss and CallAction App

Start Using Automated Text Campaigns in Follow Up Boss in 10 Mins.

Here's a quick start guide to use Follow Up Boss with CallAction. You'll be assigning drip campaigns to your FUB smart lists in 10 mins.

Streamline and scale communications and tasks to do more with less.

Use this to remove repetitive tasks from your Follow Up Boss action plans that can be automated with CallAction. Some tasks that can be eliminated include, leaving voicemails, sending text messages with images, GIF's, videos and links to your websites. You can update tags, start Zapier Zaps, send text reminders, and start outbound calls automatically and now you can reply to messages directly from our Follow Up Boss Inbox app.

Start Using CallAction as a Follow Up Up Embedded App Now

Signup for a Free Trial of CallAction Now

Set up your free account now to leverage text message drip campaigns. You'll improve your speed to lead response times, engage more leads into conversations, and close more sales.

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