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How to Setup the CallAction recommended Follow Up Boss Column View
How to Setup the CallAction recommended Follow Up Boss Column View

Learn how to setup your Follow Up Boss People View based on CallAction best practices for lead follow up using our ICON process

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Best Practices for Follow Up Boss Columns

The goal of your Follow Up Boss views is to have a quick, sortable overview that highlights contacts displaying actionable insights.

Here is the CallAction recommended Follow Up Boss CRM column view for the most efficient lead follow-up workflow. This view can then be used for all of your Smart Lists.

  1. Last Marketing Text Reply

  2. Properties Viewed

  3. Properties Saved

  4. Pages Viewed

  5. Last Visit

  6. Last Communication

  7. Last Activity

  8. Stage

  9. Created

  10. Source

Using this best practice view gives you instant access to your contacts' history, intent signals and actionable items.

Add Follow Up Boss columns to your People view table

How to Setup the Follow Up Boss View

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss CRM

  2. Click on People

  3. Click on Columns

  4. Click on Texts

  5. Check Last Marketing Text Reply

  6. Click on Website Activity

  7. Check all 4 options (Properties Viewed, Saved, Pages Viewed, Last Visit)

  8. Click on Details

  9. Check the following:
    a. Stage

    b. Source
    c. Created

    d. Last Activity
    e. Last Communication

  10. Click outside the box to exit

Note: You should uncheck unnecessary fields from this view such as: First & Last Names, Phone, Email, Address, Price, Tags

How to Sort Follow Up Boss Columns

Mouse over Follow Up Boss column headers and click to drag and reorder FUB cols.

Next, you will reorganize the Follow Up Boss columns into the recommended order above.

  1. Mouse over the column header to display 8 dots.

  2. Place the cursor on dots and click mouse and drag into the desired order.

  3. Repeat with all FUB columns.

You are now ready to quickly find opportunities in your Follow Up Boss CRM by sorting the columns and scanning the table view for opportunities.

User our Follow Up Boss embedded app and recommended lead follow up workflow to assign drip campaigns to automate and eliminate your outbound tasks.

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