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Add a Follow Up Boss Contact to CallAction
Add a Follow Up Boss Contact to CallAction

Learn how to instantly add a contact in your Follow Up Boss CRM into your CallAction with one click using the embedded app tool.

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How to Add a Person from Follow Up Boss to CallAction

Adding contacts to CallAction from the Follow Up Boss crm embedded app takes just seconds with the click of a button.

You can add a person to CallAction and assign a specific CallAction campaign phone number. The assigned number will be used to send text drip campaigns or individual text messages.

This workflow assumes you have already added the CallAction app embedded into your Follow Up Boss CRM and connected the API integration.

How to Export a Contact from Follow Up Boss into CallAction

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss

  2. Click on Persons

  3. Click on the Name of the contact you want to export (or search by name and click)

  4. Check the CallAction embedded app interface
    Note: move CallAction app to top right for easier navigation.

  5. Select a CallAction number from the drop-down to assign the Follow Up Boss contact for text and calls.

  6. Click on Add this Contact

  7. Once completed you will get a green confirmation box with contact name with link to view contact directly in CallAction

Contact Added to CallAction from Follow Up Boss App

Below is how a contact added via the Follow Up Boss app appears in CallAction.

All text messages, drip campaign activity from CallAction is synced in real-time into Follow Up Boss via your API integration. This can also start a Zapier Zap based on CallAction New Contact trigger or sync to other API connected systems.

Start Taking Actions with Your Follow Up Bosss Contacts in CallAction

Once a FUB contact is added to your CallAction account, you can streamline and scale your lead follow up using text drip campaign automations. Use any of the over 86 pre-written drip campaign templates for initial speed to lead follow-up and then relentless long-term lead nurture. Out on the road, don't worry, CallAction is 100% mobile responsive and identical to the desktop version. You can also reply to incoming text messages directly from the mobile FUB inbox app.

Setup a Free Trial Account of CallAction

Not currently a CallAction user? Take 8 mins to set up a free account. You'll quickly learn why top real estate teams and brokerages use CallAction and why it's on of 10 systems Tom Ferry recommends. We'll help you revive some of your old leads during the free trial like we did with top Houston agent Nicole Lopez.

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