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Revive Leads

Learn how to re-engage and follow up your old, cold leads using an intelligent lead drip campaign template only available on

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How to Revive and Follow Up on Old Leads

Do you have 100's or 1000's of old leads that are TCPA compliant with expressed written consent that have gone cold and are unengaged? Would you like to automate the follow up of those stale leads and reactivate new sales opportunities?  

How Much Potential Revenue is dormant your CRM?

Re-engaging Old Leads with CallAction

Automate the tedious outbound outreach of old leads and focus on re-engaged inbound lead inquiries with a CallAction revive lead campaign.

Learn how to set up a lead re-engagement campaign on CallAction to revive leads with SMS, voicemail, video, and image texts.

How to Revive Old Leads Campaign

  1. Segment your old leads into groups by age and/or lead source

  2. Create the CSV file of old leads to upload into CallAction

  3. Setup a new phone number for tracking of conversions

  4. Upload and tag old leads

  5. Record the 3 voicemails for the Revive drip campaign.

  6. Launch your lead revive campaign

If you have old leads, let's get started. The entire process should take about 15 mins total. 

If you are not currently a CallAction client, you can setup a free 14-day trial and we will help you revive up to 100 old leads. 

1. Create Segmented Lists of Old Leads

We suggest you filter and segment your leads in your CRM into highly targeted lists that have expressed written consent for better conversion tracking and then export as CSV.  

Some lead segmentation ideas:

  • Lead Sources (PPC, social media, portals, website leads, funnel leads, etc)

  • Group by date, 60-90 days, 90-120 day, etc. 

  • Last contact date, never responded, etc.

You'll need to create these list as a CSV file in order to upload the old leads into CallAction

2. How to Format the CSV of Old Leads for Upload into CallAction

We need a simple CSV (comma-separated value) file to upload and import old leads into CallAction. Following is the required column order: 

  1. Phone Number

  2. Email Address

  3. Name ( or first name & last name)

Columns of the CSV file must be in that exact order:

Optionally, you can also include additional information like address and tags in the upload CSV file format.

3. Setup a New Revive Lead Campaign Number for Tracking

We recommend that you set up a new campaign tracking phone number for the revive campaigns to track your re-engagement of old leads. 

4. Upload Your Old Leads into CallAction

You are now ready to upload your old lead CSV files into CallAction lists.
(Note: You must have expressed written consent from every person on your list.)

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on top right Profile

  3. Scroll and click on Upload Contacts

  4. Select your new revive campaign phone number

  5. Enter a descriptive list name 

  6. Enter tags to filter and track your uploaded lists

  7. Select your CSV file

  8. Click the check box Acknowledgement

  9. Click on Upload and Save Contacts

Contacts will be uploaded into CallAction. 

5. Record voicemails for lead Revive campaign

Next, we will run a process to verify all phone numbers, check for duplicates or existing leads in CallAction and return the final count. This will take up to a few minutes depending on the number of old lead contacts uploaded. 

Note, you can download the failed uploads to correct and append them back to the same list.

Now, you will record and set up the three ringless voicemail messages that are part of the campaign.

Get the Revive voicemail scripts in a PDF with instructions to record.

Once your three revive voicemails are recorded you can rename their file names.

  1. Scroll down to Upload Contacts

  2. Click on Upload Details

  3. Click on Start Revive Campaign

  4. Call the media library voicemail upload number

  5. Record the scripts on the page

  6. Select the 1st voicemail as 1st campaign audio

  7. Select the 2nd voicemail as 2nd campaign audio

  8. Select the 3rd voicemail as 3rd campaign audio

6. Start Revive Campaign

  1. Click Launch Revive Campaign

Done! If this is completed Mon - Fri before 2:30 pm your local time, the revive campaign will start immediately with the first 50 contacts. 

The campaign will continue to run Mon - Fri until all old leads have been assigned a campaign. If you have multiple old lead follow up campaigns, the next one will be start upon completion of previous campaign. 

Use Canned Templates to Speed Up Responding to Re-engaged Leads

You will start to receive responses within the first hour of the campaign running. Streamline your responses by using our one-click text response templates and our scheduled text messages.

  • "Hi, sorry, it's {Your Name} of {Company}. I was following up to your previous inquiry. Did you ________?"

After your conversation, tag the lead, and reassigning a new drip campaign to continue your lead nurturing by using our recommended lead follow up process.

Manage Running Revive Campaign

You can manage currently running revive campaigns to slow down the delivery cadence, pause or end campaigns.

You can also use our dialer to manually call leads and when leads responds. Our lead to call automations allow you to assign a new drip campaign to nurture loan term. 

Do You have Old Leads to Follow Up and Re-engage? 

Setup a free, obligation 14-day trial of CallAction. You'll be able to start your old lead follow up on 100 old leads for free.  

Setup a Free Trial Now

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