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Lead to Call Automation
Lead to Call Automation

Lead to call automation leverages "speed to lead" of modality to increase lead conversion by instantly connecting email leads to a call.

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What is Lead to Call Automation?

Businesses spend billions on marketing to generate inquiries that respond via 3 primary communication channels: 

  • Email / Form Fill on Websites

  • Calls / Click to Call buttons and advertised phone numbers

  • Text / SMS inquiries directly to phone numbers

CallAction's lead to call automation takes inbound inquiries from any these communication channels and instantly captures, routes, and initiates outbound communication with a call, text / sms or email to connect with the consumer while they are still in an "inquiring" state of mind. 

Instantly call leads that have filled out an online form

This "speed to lead" response of connecting from lead to a call with the consumer while they are still "inquiring" is what dramatically increases lead conversions. 

CallAction Lead to Call Automations

We offer the following types of lead to call automations for every business use case from individual sales people to enterprise level solutions.

Call Automations on Missed Incoming Calls

Occasionally, a sales team will miss answering incoming calls or call backs from a dialer session. CallAction has missed call automations that can also be used to ensure no lead is lost due to lack of follow up. 

Learn more about our lead to call automations by scheduling a free demo now. 

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