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Creating a User Schedule
Creating a User Schedule

Learn how to setup a user schedule on the lead router to assign and distribute inbound calls, text or email leads on a time block schedule

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User Schedule

Create multiple time blocked schedules for your CallAction users to distribute inbound calls, text or emails leads.  

Calls can be broadcasted to a group of users that are on the same schedule to compete to be first to claim.  Leads can be automatically inserted into users CRM with one of our API integrations

Real estate professionals using this system can setup virtual lead desk time for their agents. 

User Schedule How to Setup Video

How to Create a User Schedule Step by Step

  1. Go to Login

  2. Click on Profile in top right on desktop
    (Note: Top left on mobile version)

  3. Click on User Schedule

  4. Click on the Add a Schedule button

  5. Select the User you want to create a schedule for. 

  6. Give clear Schedule Name e.g. "Mon-Fri 8am-12pm"

  7. Select the days of the week user is ON schedule

  8. Select the start and end times

  9. Click Save Schedule

Next, go to your lead router and set the user schedules

Claimed leads can them be automatically assigned text drip campaigns to follow-up & nurture leads.  You can also use the lead router and schedules for various workflows.

CallAction users can take a guided tour of the lead schedule tool

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