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First to Claim Lead Assignment
First to Claim Lead Assignment

User first to claim lead assignment for email leads and phone calls with the CallAction lead router system to improve lead conversion

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Improve Speed to Lead Conversion Metrics with First to Claim Lead Routing

The fastest way to increase sales and closings is to decrease lead response times. Leverage the first to claim lead assignment included in the CallAction sales engagement platform solution.

How Does First to Claim Lead Assignment Work?

  1. Send your email leads or calls to a trackable CallAction campaign

  2. CallAction calls your sales agents simultaneously via a broadcast

  3. First agent to answer call and press 1 is the first to claim the lead

Get Sales Agents to Compete to be First to Claim Leads

The CallAction lead routing system allows lead assignment via round-robin or broadcast to decrease first to claim leads.

All in One Email Lead & Call Routing via First to Claim Broadcast

Our solution allows for both the routing of inbound calls and email leads to be broadcasted to your team to create a speed to lead competition between agents to be the first to claim.

Use Call Connect to Decrease Outbound Calling Lead Response Times

CallAction calls all of your salespeople in the lead router queue simultaneously. Once a sales agent presses 1 to be the first to claim a lead, CallAction will automatically dial the lead's phone number when the Call Connect option is set to ON.
โ€‹Call Connect dramatically decreases your lead response times down to seconds to improve your lead conversion rates. Call connect is also available in our lead follow up drip campaign automations.

Automatically Assign Lead to Agent who was First to Claim Lead

Save time and streamline your lead assignment with our Zapier or API integrations to top CRMS directly into the salesperson who claimed the lead first. We have API integrations to top CRM's like Follow Up Boss, HubSpot, BoomTown, CINC, ActiveCampaign, and other CRM's.

Want to Learn More About Distributing Leads via First to Claim Assignment?

Setup a free demo now and we'll do a live video demo of the first to claim lead workflow. You can also check out some CallAction testimonials.

You can also set up a free trial account to try our first to claim solution.

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