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Learn how to use call connect to improve your speed to lead by lowering lead response times.

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What is Call Connect?

Call Connect is a feature of the CallAction sales engagement platform designed to help lower lead response times by automatically calling your sales agent and when they answer automatically calling and connecting to the lead.

Lead to Call Automation

Many salespeople experience call anxiety which delays them from actually dialing the phone to make sales calls to follow up on leads.

Call connect is lead to call automation that helps eliminate the delays by instantly calling leads and connecting sales agents.

CallAction Call Connect Feature

Call connect is available as part of the CallAction sales engagement platform in the following solutions:

How does Call Connect Work?

Step by step breakdown of the CallAction call connect feature.

  1. CallAction calls sales agent assigned to the lead

  2. The sales agent hears whisper message upon answering... "Connecting you to..."

  3. CallAction immediately dials and calls the lead and connects call with salesperson

  4. The call is tracked, recorded, transcribed and logged into connected CRM

Call Connect Solves Speed to Lead with Lead Routing

Using the lead router with the first to claim (aka shark tank or lead pond) setting and call connect ensures your sales agents are calling every online generated lead within seconds.

Our lead to call automation is the most powerful form to call software available.

Call Connect with Drip Campaigns Automates Lead Follow Up

Drip campaigns with call connect automations help you salespeople complete more outbound sales calls by eliminating the repetitious tasks from their tasklist. Call connect decreases call anxiety by forcing the outbound calls to be made.

Benefits of call connect in drip campaigns

  • Call leads at the right time and frequency with our powerful automation scheduling.

  • Increases number of outbound calls made by sales agents by auto-dialing leads

  • Eliminates sales persons cognitive load of deciding which lead to call

How to Set Up Call Connect

Learn how to use call connect by clicking on any of the following help documents.

Try Call Connect Free

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