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Drip Campaign Message Scheduling
Drip Campaign Message Scheduling

Learn how to use the advanced CallAction drip campaign message scheduler options to create authentic automations for the highest engagement.

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17 Message Scheduling Options for Drip Campaigns

CallAction let's you build authentic automation with the most advanced drip campaign scheduling software.  We provide you with seventeen different options to schedule messages allowing you to execute lead follow-up and nurture best practices and follow the golden rule of marketing: 

Deliver the right message at the right time.

Powerful Campaign Scheduling for Optimal Message Cadence 

Here is the list of the message scheduler options:

  1. Seconds

  2. Minutes

  3. Hours

  4. Days 

  5. Days Scheduled

  6. Next Mon, Tue, Weds, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun

  7. Weeks

  8. Weeks Scheduled

  9. Months

  10. Months Scheduled

  11. Date / Time

Most other inferior drip campaign software and CRMs offer only 3 scheduling options: mins, hours days. 

Those limits your ability to deliver the right message at the right time and to truly build high converting campaigns. 

Build the Perfect Drip Campaign Cadence with Time Delays

Most of the text scheduling options are straightforward but we will clarify a few of the more advanced scheduling options: 

  • Days - this will deliver the message exactly 24 hrs from the previous message (Note: this is how 99% of other systems deliver messages which means every message is sent at the same exact time on a different day. That doesn't look very authentic.)

  • Days Scheduled - select the day and the ideal time to deliver a message. This allows you to mix up your delivery cadence to optimal response times.

  • Next (Day of the Week) - the most powerful option. Send a message on a specific day of the week at a specific time. (Real estate example: offer a list of "open houses" on Friday afternoon. That is right message at the right time which increases lead response rates and engagement)

  • Weeks Scheduled - this option also let's you pick the specific time to deliver a message weeks in advance. Simpler than trying to calculate days in advance.

  • Months Scheduled - exactly like days, weeks scheduling allowing you to pick a specific time to deliver a message. 

  • Date / Time - send a message on a specific date and time in the future regardless on when the drip campaign was triggered. Useful for holidays, anniversary dates or custom drip campaigns to nurture leads based on important dates.

Combine these flexible message schedules with our different drip campaign message types and our simple drip campaign builder software interface to build the highest converting drip campaigns possible. 

Leverage our drip campaign templates as a starting point and optimize your delivery schedule. You can also import or share you best drip campaigns with other CallAction users. 

Try Our Drip Campaign Software Free

Already using other marketing software or drip campaigns in your existing CRM. Try CallAction free for 14-days to compare response rates. Clone your existing drip campaigns but adjust your message delivery schedule to view first hand the power of intelligent message scheduling.

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