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Drip Campaign Templates
Drip Campaign Templates

Learn how to use pre-made drip campaign templates from the CallAction campaign library.

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CallAction Drip Campaign Template Library

Need help building effective drip campaigns to follow-up with new leads or to nurture existing leads? You can instantly access the expansive and continuously growing CallAction drip campaign library to select a template.Β 

We highly recommend that you invest a few mins. personalize each template to match your communication style. Β 

You want the transition from authentic automation to your conversations to be seamless.

  • If you normally use πŸ˜€ emojis, have them in your campaigns (Note: they do improve engagement rates by as much as 30%)

  • If your text messages normally include abbreviations (LMK, IMHO, etc), do the same in your drip campaigns

  • Use our dynamic merge fields to personalize your messages.

Let's get started.

How to Access Drip Campaign Template Library

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools the navigation

  3. Click on Drip Campaigns

  4. Click on Templates button

You will now see list of all of the pre-made drip campaign templates ready for you to personalize and use.

How to Use a Drip Campaign Template

  1. Click on desired template to open & view all steps

  2. Click on Use Template to automatically import it into your account

  3. You'll be automatically redirected to you drip campaign account so you can edit, personalize, and rename the drip campaign template

Once you have personalized your drip campaigns you can also share them with others using our import template option.Β 

You are now ready to assign drip campaigns to your CallAction numbers and emails or to assign a campaign to an individual contact in your conversation workflow.

Try CallAction Drip Campaigns Free for 14-Days

If you currently do any kind of offline or online marketing you can immediately increase your lead conversion with the CallAction Drip Campaign solution. We offer a free 14-day trial of the platform.

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