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Real Estate Drip Campaign Template: ISA Lead Handoff
Real Estate Drip Campaign Template: ISA Lead Handoff

Learn how to use this real estate drip campaign template for leads that are handed off to an agent on the real estate team by an ISA.

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Real Estate Inside Sales Agent Lead Handoff Campaign

Do you have a real estate ISA (inside sales agent) calling your leads to setup appointments for your team? Are you struggling with the lead handoff to your real estate salespeople?

Leverage this real estate drip campaign template to create accountability with your salesperson, decrease appointment no-show rates, and ultimately close more sales.

Improve Your Workflow with this Automated Lead Handoff Process

Use this CallAction drip campaign template anything an ISA has connected with a lead and booked an appointment for your real estate team. This campaign template and workflow will do the following:

  • Introduce and share salesperson contact information via text message

  • Confirm salesperson has followed up with the lead to improve sales accountability

  • Ask for NPS score / 5 ⭐️ reviews of services provided

  • Solicit referrals for buyer and seller leads

If your salesperson is not following up with the leads being referred to them, the contact will respond to your real estate inside sales agent.

Then your ISA can hold the agent accountable or re-assign the lead to another more responsive salesperson. You can import this drip campaign template into your CallAction account.

How to Use the ISA Lead Handoff Campaign

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Drip Campaign

  4. Click on Templates

  5. Find and select the Follow Up: ISA Lead Handoff campaign

  6. Click on Import campaign

Once the drip campaign is in your account, you MUST edit it. You should have a list of your salespeople with the following details available:

  • Full Name

  • Phone

  • Email

You'll need to do this for every salesperson your inside sales agent is handing off leads to.

Personalizing the Drip Campaign with Your Sales Agent Contact information

  1. Click on Tools

  2. Click on Duplicate Follow Up: ISA Lead Handoff campaign

  3. Rename Campaign to include agents name for easy assignment
    (i.e. Follow Up: ISA Lead Handoff - [AGENT NAME])

  4. Click Edit of Step 1 of the drip campaign to personalize to sales agent

  5. Replace the [NAME], [COMPANY], [PHONE], [EMAIL] with sales person info

  6. Save Template

Repeat as necessary for each salesperson on the real estate team.

Using the Real Estate ISA Lead Handoff Workflow in CallAction

  1. Leads are sent into CallAction and assigned initial speed to lead follow up campaigns that run until the lead responds.

  2. ISA enters conversation to qualify the lead and set an appointment with agent.

  3. The ISA re-assigns leads in the real estate CRM and shares lead details with agent.

  4. Lastly the inside sales agent assigns the Follow Up: ISA Lead Handoff campaign to the lead

  5. CallAction campaign will run until lead responds. The paused campaign can be restarted to continue the follow up for over 6 months.

Like to learn more about this lead conversion best practice? Book an appointment today.

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