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CINC Real Estate Lead Follow-Up System
CINC Real Estate Lead Follow-Up System

Learn how to automate Commissions Inc / CINC real estate lead follow-up with CallAction marketing automation drip campaign system

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Set up a Commissions Inc to CallAction Marketing Automation System Integration to Follow-Up & Nurture Your Real Estate Leads

Use this CINC integration workflow to automatically assign drip campaigns to every CINC real estate lead website registration automatically. Instantly respond to every new inbound online real estate lead in real-time with outbound text messages and direct to voicemail drops.

Web Traffic / PPC > CINC Real Estate Leads > CallAction > Drip Campaigns

This workflow takes your Commission Inc email leads that routed directly to your real estate team, ISA or virtual assistant via CINC lead routing rules and sends them to CallAction.

You can now guarantee that your real estate team is instantly responding to every lead and following-up using your ideal follow-up cadence of VM drops, video text and text messages with emojis using the CallAction automated campaigns to create a lead follow-up system.

Overview of Comissions Inc / CINC to CallAction Workflow

  • Create your CallAction custom drip campaigns to automatically follow-up with every CINC online real estate lead.

  • Setup a dedicated CINC / CallAction drip campaign number.

  • Setup Gmail forwarding rules for new Commission Inc website lead registration emails to be forwarded to your dedicated CallAction email address.

  • CallAction will follow up with your real estate leads based on your drip campaign settings until the lead responds at which point CallAction will automatically stop the assigned drip campaigns.  

Dramatically Increase Your CINC Real Estate Lead Conversion Rates

Instantly responding with a multiple follow-up attempts dramatically improves your lead conversion rates on your CINC PPC leads.

Detailed Setup Instructions for Commissions Inc Leads to CallAction

First, you will start by building out your custom drip campaigns in CallAction. We recommend mapping this out ahead of time, pre-recording your voicemail messages and videos and preparing any images that you will also send out. 

Setting up Your CINC Drip Campaigns

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on “Tools” in top navigation bar

  3. Click on “Drip Campaigns”

  4. Click on “Add New Drip Campaign” button in top right

  5. Give your drip campaign an appropriate name

  6. Select 7 day drip campaign follow-up (best practice)

  7. Click “Add Step”

  8. Select your delay, message type

  9.  Enter your outbound text message

  10. Add or select “media” if applicable

  11. Add as many follow-up steps as needed to your drip campaigns 

  12. Save your new drip campaign

Tip: End your drip campaigns using the “Text Reminder” option to send a text message to your agent to update the status of the lead in CINC and to then re-assign a new long-term follow-up campaign.

Setup a Dedicated CINC Phone Number & Email 

Now, we will create a dedicated CallAction number to capture and track all of your CINC leads. 

This CallAction call capture number be used to track inbound calls from your CINC website. Inbound calls will be captured and sync lead calls directly into your CINC CRM Connect.  If you run a real estate team you can also distribute inbound lead calls using the CallAction call broadcast system.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Phone Numbers"

  3. Click on "Add Phone Numbers"

  4. Enter desired Area code

  5. Optional - you can refine your phone number search to specific number series or vanity words

  6. Click search phone numbers

  7. List of available phone numbers will appear

  8. Select checkbox next to phone number(s) you want to add to your account

  9. Scroll to bottom, click "Get Selected Phone Numbers"

Screen will now refresh and take you back to your list of CallAction numbers. 

  1. Click on "Manage" next to your new CINC number

  2. Click on "Call Settings" and scroll down to "Campaign Name"

  3. Enter "CINC Calls" or similar name in "campaign name" to track lead calls

  4. Click "Save"

  5. Click on "Email Settings"

  6. Enter "CINC Emails" in "Campaign Name" to track email leads

  7. Click "Save"

Attach Your Commissions Inc Follow-Up Campaign to Email Leads

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Phone Numbers"

  3. Click on "Manage" of your new CINC phone number

  4. Click on "Email Settings"

  5. Select your  CINC drip campaign from drop-down

  6. Click "Save"

Next, we will need to get your CINC email lead notifications going into your dedicated CallAction phone number.

Setting Email Forwarding Rule for CINC Leads to CallAction

  1. Login to CallAction 

  2. Click on “Phone numbers” in top navigation

  3. Click on “Manage” of the CallAction number you will be using for drip campaigns

  4. Click on “Email Settings” button

  5. Copy your “CallAction Email” address (will be used next in email forwarding rules)

  6. Select your drip campaign you will use in the drop down

  7. Click Save

Setup Email Forwarding Rule for Your CINC Real Estate Leads

Lastly, we need to send new lead registrations to your CallAction using automated email forwarding rules.

  1. Login to your Gmail / Email account settings

  2. Add your CallAction email address as a new email forwarding address (You may need to notify us to confirm your email forwarding address)

  3. Create email forwarding rule using filter to select new CINC email lead registrations

Congratulations, you have now setup a fully automated workflow to follow-up with your Commissions Inc leads in real-time.

Try this CINC to CallAction Workflow Integration for Free

CallAction offers free 14-day trial with full access to every tool including our custom drip campaigns, call broadcast lead router and text tool. Every trial also gives you access to our private Facebook group and a one on one screen share demo. Setup your free CallAction to CINC demo now.

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