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Commissions Inc / CINC Lead Integration
Commissions Inc / CINC Lead Integration

Learn How CallAction Can Automatically Insert Your Inbound Lead Calls into Your Commissions Inc / CINC Real Estate CRM Platform

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Track of Your Most Valuable Leads with a CallAction + CINC Integration

Phone calls are your most valuable real estate leads. You can automatically track & log all inbound calls directly into your CINC real estate CRM when you integrate CallAction. Quickly build your CRM databank saving hours of data entry while avoiding human error with CallAction automation.

Do You Run a Real Estate Team on Commissions Inc?

If you run a real estate team you can also use the CallAction Lead Router tool with Call Broadcast to instantly call all of the agents on your team simultaneously. The first agent to respond and claim the lead will be connected to the call while CallAction automatically creates and assigns the lead contact in directly into your agents CINC CRM.

Follow-Up with Custom Text Drip Campaigns

You can have every CINC lead followed-up and nurtured with fully automated custom text drip campaigns with direct to voicemail messages and holiday text campaigns.

Setup Commissions Inc Lead Integration

Let's get started by getting the required information from your Commissions Inc.

  1. Login to Commission Inc

  2. Go to "Dashboard"

  3. Click on the "Agents" icon on left side 

  4. Click on the "Agents Name" to access their individual settings

  5. Click on "Integrations"

  6. Scroll down to CRM Connect

Setup CallAction to Export Leads via Email into CINC CRM Email Parser

Now that you have the CINC CRM connect email, we will show you how to setup CallAction to CINC integration.

Lead Call Integrations

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Numbers"

  3. Select the CallAction Phone Number you want to export leads from

  4. Click on "Manage"

  5. Click on "Call Settings"

  6. Scroll down to "Lead Export Integrations"

  7. Turn "On" Lead Export Integrations

  8. Paste the "lead+" into Lead Export Integration field

  9. Scroll to bottom & click "Save"

Email Lead Integration

CallAction can also export inbound email leads processed by CallAction (such as Facebook Lead Ads) from any source and export those data-appended leads directly into your CINC CRM platform also. This gives you maximum flexibility as now you can integrate lead sources not previously supported by CINC using CallAction as the source.

  1. Follow same steps 1 - 4 above.

  2. Click "Email Settings"

  3. Scroll down to "Lead Export Integrations"

  4. Turn "On" Lead Export Integrations

  5. Paste the "lead+XXXXXX" into Lead Export Integration field

  6. Scroll to bottom & click "Save"

You now have full CallAction & Commissions Inc integration. 100% of leads are now captured, tracked and responded to via CallAction and automatically exported directly into your CINC CRM in real-time.

Not a Commissions Inc user? You can also integrate CallAction with Follow Up Boss CRM API or email parse, Top Producer API and other real estate CRMs.

Return to our support center or to CallAction lead engagement automation platform

CINC Zapier Integration

You can also use the Commissions Inc Zapier integration to connect CallAction to CINC.

Not Currently Using CallAction with CINC?

Learn first hand how this / Commissions Inc integration can save you time, make you more money and improve your real estate lead conversion rates and is used by top real estate teams in the country. We offer a free 14-day trial and demo or our services. 

Take 10 mins to signup for CallAction now to try this CINC integration.

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