Connect CallAction to Commissions Inc Zapier

Learn how to setup Commissions Inc Zapier to connect CallAction to capture calls and texts into CINC CRM notes automatically.

Save time and capture more real estate leads with this powerful automation workflow.  Save hours of data-entry and build up your CINC CRM database with captured leads from calls or text.

If you run a real estate team, you can capture and distribute all your yard sign calls via first to claim lead broadcast. Let's get started.

Things You Need for this Commissions Inc Integration

  • CallAction
  • Commissions Inc / CINC 
  • Zapier account
  • CallAction & CINC Zapier invites
    (Text CINC Zap to (657) 444-1500 to get CINC Zapier)

Steps to setup Commission Inc and CallAction integration

This workflow will take about 15 mins to setup. Follow the steps in order below and activate this CINC integration. 

Get CallAction and Commissions Inc Zapier Invites

  • Text CINC Zap to (657) 444-1500

Next, you will need to open web browsers to login CallAction, Commissions Inc and Zapier.

We provide you both step-by-step written instructions below our you can watch this quick video guide.

Video how to setup Commissions Inc Zapier with CallAction

Below is the simple steps to setup this CINC Zap. 

Create CallAction Contacts in CINC with Zapier API

  1. Login to CallAction
  2. Click on Profile > Settings
  3. Click on Integrations
  4. Click on Zapier button
  5. Copy your CallAction Zapier API key
  6. Click to get your Zapier private invite
    (Zapier will open to CallAction API to create Zap)
  7. Select New Contact
  8. Click Save
  9. Click Connect Account
  10. Paste you CallAction Zapier API key
  11. Click Save + Continue
  12. Click Continue again
  13. Click Add Step, Action/Search button
  14. Search Commissions Inc Invite
    (Note: if not displayed, you need the CINC Zapier Invite, get it now: Text CINC Zap to (657) 444-1500)
  15. Select Add Lead
  16. Click Save + Continue
  17. Click Connect an Account (or select existing Commissions Inc Zapier connected account)
  18. Click Test & Continue
  19. Insert merge files into the following fields.
  20. Cell Phone Field
    (Click on box on right side of select Phone)
  21. Full Name 
  22. First Name
  23. Last Name
  24. Email
  25. Assigned Agent
    (Note: you will need to create individual Zaps for each team member)
  26. Label (Selects a tag if needed)
  27. Note; select Notes
  28. Source; select Campaign Name
  29. Click Continue
  30. Click Send Test to Commission Inc
  31. Click Finish
  32. Name Zap; CINC Create Contact
  33. Turn ON Zap

Next, we will need to create a second Zap to update the contact record in CINC with CallAction activities.

Make Another Zap

CallAction to CINC Zap for New Activities

  1. Select CallAction API 
  2. Select New Activity
  3. Click Continue
  4. Connect Commissions Inc account
  5. Click Add Step
  6. Click Add Step, Action/Search button
  7. Select Add Note
  8. Select Commissions Inc Account
  9. Click Save + Continue
  10. Email; select Contact Email
  11. Notes; select Type add space Body
  12. Click Continue
  13. Click Send Test to Commissions Inc
  14. Click Finish
  15. Name Zap - CINC Activity
  16. Turn Zap ON

Now, the CallAction to Commissions Inc Zap is created you will active the Zapier integration on CallAction.

Activate CallAction to Commission Zapier

  1. Login to CallAction
  2. Click Profile
  3. Click Integrations
  4. Click on Zapier button
  5. Set Zaps to specific phone numbers or all as needed
  6. Click Save All Changes


Now you can grow your CINC CRM database quickly as all calls and text are captured and synced to your real estate CRM. You can power dial contacts with our sales dialer.

All CallAction drip campaign activity for lead follow-up and long-term nurtures are synced. 

Important! If you were previously using the Commissions Inc lead export to create leads in your CINC CRM, you must disable that integration to avoid creating duplicates.

Try Commissions Inc Zapier Integration for 14-days Free

Agents and real estate teams using CINC can try this Commissions Inc integration with CallAction free for 14-days. Signup in less than 15 mins to activate your free CallAction account and then setup this CINC Zapier integration. 

Add intelligent drip campaigns,  call capture / tracking and lead call routing functionality to your Commissions Inc CRM. Lead how to automate your Commissions Inc real estate lead follow-up at scale. 

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