Learn how to setup Zapier Zaps with CallAction to automate your workflows. Check the Zapier workflow ideas to extend CallAction automations

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Connect Zapier to CallAction to Automate Your Workflows

Setup CallAction Zapier integration to send new leads and activities to over 1,000 Zapier connected app. Learn how does Zapier work with this short guide. Currently Zapier is only available via private invite on the link below. 

Below are some Zapier workflow ideas to help you streamline your business. 

CallAction to Zapier Zap Workflows

Below is a list of some workflow ideas to streamline your business.

Marketing  & Re-marketing Zaps

  • CallAction to Facebook Custom Audiences

  • CallAction to AdRoll 

  • CallAction to LinkedIn Match Audience

  • CallAction to Mailchimp

CRM Zaps

  • CallAction to CINC (private)

  • CallAction to Realvolve CRM

  • CallAction to Brivity

  • CallAction to Salesforce

  • CallAction to Active Campaign

  • CallAction to LionDesk (LionDesk API available)

Utility Zaps

Zapier Zaps to CallAction

Leverage CallAction Call Tracking & Zapier Free for 14-days

CallAction is an intelligent marketing automation platform engineered to integrate with as many software solutions possible between our native API integrations and this Zapier API. 

CallAction captures, engages and tracks leads from the three primary forms of communication, calls, emails and text messages. Combine CallAction with Zapier for 1,000 of workflows to streamline your business.

Take 10 minutes to signup for your free trial account now.

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