How Does Zapier Work

Learn how to connect Zapier to work with CallAction and over 1,000 other connected apps. Leverage the Zapier API integration workflow.

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How to Setup Zapier to Work with CallAction

The Zapier API has over 1,000 integrations to have apps work together.

Zapier allows you to connect different software applications to streamline your workflow.  

Zapier connects API integrations of the different web apps using a simple user interface to help you work smarter not harder.

You can connect an app that triggers an activity to create an action in another app. 

Zapier Trigger App

The Zapier trigger is the application that starts an action. An example trigger maybe a newly captured "phone call" or email. 

Zapier Action

The Zapier action is the activity that will be performed using data from the Zapier trigger application.

Connect the Zapier API 

You can now connect CallAction to Zapier with our simple yet powerful integration. You can send captured calls, text or email leads to thousands of different web apps.

Conversely you can also send real-time leads from forms into CallAction to automate your lead follow-up and long-term lead nurture. 

Zapier Integration

Learn how to setup a CallAction + Zapier integration with our Zapier guide. We provide some workflow ideas.  

Leverage CallAction Call Tracking & Zapier Free for 14-days

CallAction is an intelligent marketing automation platform engineered to integrate with as many software solutions possible between our native API integrations and this Zapier API. 

CallAction captures, engages and tracks leads from the three primary forms of communication, calls, emails and text messages. Combine CallAction with Zapier for 1,000 of workflows to streamline your business.

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