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Add New CallAction Contacts to Google Sheets using Zapier Zap!
Add New CallAction Contacts to Google Sheets using Zapier Zap!

Learn how to create a Zapier Zap that adds new CallAction contacts to a Google Sheet automatically with this Zapier workflow.

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Create a Zapier Zap to Export New Contacts into Google Sheets

Step by step guide on creating a Zapier Zap that exports new CallAction leads into a Google Sheet in real-time. 

This is a great introduction to building a Zap to streamline your workflow. You'll be able to use this data for many different Zapier workflows.

Basic Steps for this CallAction Zap! 

  • Create a Google sheet

  • Add headers to your sheet

  • Connect CallAction and Google Sheets  

  • Build Zapier zap workflow template

You should be able to complete this introductory Zap in about 15 mins. Let's get started. 

Start Creating a Google Sheet

  1. Login to Google Sheets

  2. Click File > New > Spreadsheet

  3. Add the following field names to the first row to create a header:

    - Campaign
    - Full Name
    - First Name
    - Last Name
    - Phone
    - Email

    Note: click here to download pre-formatted template.

  4. Click on bottom on Sheet to assign a name to specific sheet.

Save the new Google sheet and now we are ready to connect the Zapier API and create a Zapier workflow.

Create CallAction to Google Sheets Zapier Zap!

  1. Login to Zapier

  2. Select New Contact

  3. Click on Connect an Account

  4. Click here to get your CallAction Zapier API key 

  5. Copy the CallAction API key

  6. Paste API key into Zapier field

  7. Click Test

  8. Click Save & Continue

You CallAction account is now connected to Zapier. Next we must add a step which will connect Google Sheets.

Add Step to Connect Google Sheets to Zapier

  1. Click on Action/Search

  2. Search & Select Google Sheets

  3. Select Create Spreadsheet Row

  4. Click Connect Account or if already connected select Google Sheet account

  5. Click Test 

  6. Click Save & Continue

  7. Select the correct Spreed Sheet

  8. Select the correct Worksheet

  9. Header fields of the sheet will populate

  10. Click on box on left side of field

  11. Select matching Zapier merge fields displaying CallAction data

  12. Click Save & Continue

  13. Click on Send Test to Google Sheets & verify data

  14. Click Finish

  15. Assign a Name to your Zap

  16. Toggle Zap to ON

Done! You have setup your first CallAction to Zapier Zap. 

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