Create a CallAction Zapier Zap

Learn about the CallAction Zapier triggers and actions to build your powerful workflows to automate your sales and marketing conversations.

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CallAction Zapier Triggers & Actions

Learn how to build your first Zapier Zap with sales & marketing automation platform.

You'll be able to connect CallAction to over 2,000 applications to create powerful and intelligent workflows.

You can use triggers in CallAction, such as inbound calls, text or email leads that are captured to initiate a Zap into other software.

Conversely, you can have other software initiate the Zap as a trigger and push the contact into CallAction to automate your actions.

CallAction Zapier Triggers

Triggers are Zaps that when and action happens in your CallAction account. You use these triggers to then push an action into other solutions.

  • New Contact: This trigger is when a new call, text or email creates a new contact in CallAction.

  • New Activity: This trigger happens when call, text, tag, note is updated in CallAction.

An example workflow maybe using a CallAction text for info campaign on Youtube to generate new leads that can be pushed into your CRM.

CallAction Zapier Actions

Actions are processes you can automate in CallAction based on the incoming trigger. CallAction actions as follows:

  • Create Contact (or Update existing): Create a new contact in CallAction from a lead source to start automated campaigns. This action can also update information and add tags, notes, campaigns.

  • Add Tag: Use this specific action to add a tag to an existing contact which can be used to start a campaign.

  • Add a Note: This action is used to simply add a note to an existing contact in CallAction.

  • Find a Contact: Use this search action to find an existing contact in CallAction by phone number or email.

An example workflow would be to have a new Facebook Lead Ad be the trigger and push the lead into CallAction to start an automated follow-up campaign.

Once a Contact is created in CallAction you can use our solutions to start workflows:

If you are using our native API integrations, CallAction can push the leads into your final solution.

Get Started Creating Your First CallAction Zap

If you are not a CallAction user currently, you can setup a free trial in a few mins.

Once you have an account on CallAction, you'll need to connect CallAction to Zapier using your API key.

If you have any questions, please use our live chat in the bottom right corner and we'll help you as quickly as possible.

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