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How to Generate Leads from Youtube
How to Generate Leads from Youtube

5 ways to get free leads from your Youtube videos without running ads or using Youtube lead forms.

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Youtube Lead Generation Strategies

Learn how to leverage your Youtube videos for lead generation regardless of your business and without lead forms with these 5 lead generation ideas. 

These lead generation techniques use the following three CallAction solutions in 5 creative ways on Youtube to generate leads with contact phone numbers.

These are the Youtube lead generation solutions

All of these lead generation ideas typically require that you have a strong call to action (CTA) offer for free information, discount coupons, PDF, reports, etc. 

Youtube Lead Generation Process

Basic workflow for Youtube lead generation.

5 Lead Generation Examples using Youtube

Here are some recommended lead generation workflows using each tool to get you started. You can implement the same 5 tips using any of the 3 CallAction lead generation solutions, call capture, text for info or email collection number. 

Text for Info Youtube Lead Generation Ideas

All of the following examples are based on using our text for info system to capture leads. This is very effective as it removes any lead capture form friction and is 100% mobile responsive. Here are some video marketing ideas for real estate agents with scripts.

1. Use a Text for Info Call to Action in the Youtube Video Description

Youtube & Google use the text content posted video description section as part of the ranking algorithm. Consumers often scroll into this description to learn about the video content and look for links to contact you. 

This is a powerful way to generate leads above the fold without harmlful links that may lower your Youtube video engagement rates and rankings.

There's also evidence that putting links to take clients away from Youtube may impact your rankings, so using a text for info number will prevent that since it's simply a phone number. 

2. Verbally Give out Text for Info number in Video (include in captioning)

Youtube automatically transcribes your video to learn what your video is about. Give out your phone number multiple times during the video to include in transcriptions and to give your audience the opportunity to pause the video and take down your text for info system number.  

3. Do In-Video Overlay with Text for Info 

If you edit your Youtube videos before posting, add your text for info call to action directly in the video. We recommend near the beginning, middle, end to maximize your text for info lead capture opportunities. 

4. Text for Info in the YouTube Video Thumbnail

If you upload custom thumbnails for your Youtube videos, you can add the text for info in the image for additional lead generation opportunities. 

5. Add Text for Info in a Youtube Card

Youtube let's you create custom cards in your videos. You can include a text for info call to action directly in the popup. 

These five lead generation strategies can be combined in a single video using the 3 different lead generation software solutions, giving you 15 different leadgen opportunities.

Get a PDF Copy of this Youtube Lead Generation Tutorial

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Now that you have generated business leads from Youtube, you need to convert the leads to sales.

How to Convert Leads from Youtube

Converting your Youtube leads is simple and efficient with CallAction ICON follow-up process since leads are captured directly into the platform.  

  1. Setup a call, text, email drip campaign to follow up with the lead until they respond to initial inquiry.

  2. After initial conversation to qualify the contact, add tags to filter your leads.

  3. Based on outcome of conversation, attach the appropriate lead nurture drip campaign template to follow up with them in the future.

  4. Nurture the lead using drip campaigns until they inquiry again.

Hope you found this Youtube lead generation tutorial helpful. Visit our sales and marketing blog our the workflow section of our help center for additional lead generation ideas like using these text for info real estate lead ideas.

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