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Text Tool Drip Campaigns
Text Tool Drip Campaigns

Learn How to Attach a Drip Campaign to the CallAction Text Tool Key. Automatically Follow-Up with Leads based on Information Requested

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Attach a Drip Campaign Based on Text Response

Setup a fully automated follow-up drip campaign to specific text inquiries received to your CallAction "text for info" text tool.

Here are some example use cases:

  • Property Info: setup an automated text for info tool & attach a follow-up drip campaign that starts a day later asking if they are interested in scheduling a showing.

  • Craigslist Ads: setup a follow-up drip campaign to see if user wants to schedule an appointment.

  • Coming Soon's: use text tool to capture leads for "coming soon's" and setup a reminder follow-up campaign letting them know the property is now available for showings and on the market.

  • Event Reminders: send event registrations (like open houses, webinars, eventbrite etc) into CallAction using our email parser and setup automated drip campaign reminders.

This is a very powerful option to both generate new inbound leads using low friction self-service of text messages and automated follow-up to surface motivated leads.

How to Attach a Drip Campaign to a Text Tool Key

First, you will need to have already built a specific drip campaign for the specific "Key".

If you have already have a drip campaign setup; use the following steps. 

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Numbers"

  3. "Manage" next to your Text tool number

  4. Click "Text Tool Settings"

  5. Click "Add Key"

  6. Create your "Key" and the automated "Response"

  7. Select the "Drip Campaign" from the drop to be attached to leads requesting a specific "Key"

  8. Click "Save"


Now, every lead that requests information from your "Text Tool" will be automatically assigned a drip campaign.

Free 14-Day Drip Campaign Trial

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