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How to Use CallAction Text Tool & Drip Campaigns for Client Events
How to Use CallAction Text Tool & Drip Campaigns for Client Events

Step by step guide to setup CallAction to capture, database and follow-up with leads for your organized events with drip campaigns

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Are you doing client appreciation events?

Use this workflow to help you with your client appreciation events. You’ll learn how to use automate your RSVP process, update your clients info in your CRM,  send a text reminder before your event, and start a follow-up “thank you” drip campaign.

You’ll need a CallAction account with a dedicated “Text for Info” lead capture number and drip campaigns activated.

Summary of Client Appreciation Event Workflow

  • We will use the “text for info” tool to have people to RSVP for your event.  The benefit, is you get lead intel if they are not already in your system & we can sync the lead to your CRM. You can add the link to a website (Eventbrite / Facebook) to complete the registration process.

  • Build a drip campaign to thank them for registering for event and respond back w/ text message w/ event details and send a reminder text just before event. 

  • Send thank you video text message post event to stay top of mind.

You can setup the entire process in less than 15 mins with these instructions.

Create Your Event Drip Campaign

We have included a sample drip campaign here for your event but feel free to edit.

  1. Login to CallAction 

  2. Click on “Tools”

  3. Click on “Drip Campaigns”

  4. Click on “New Drip Campaign

  5. Name your “Campaign” 

  6. Add Steps (see tips below)

  7. Click "Save" drip campaign

Drip Campaigns Tips:

  • Add step to send a copy of the flyer saved as an image initially.

  • Use Date/Time delivery to send reminder day prior to your event.

  • Use Day Scheduled to send text reminder & map to event few hours before event

  • Send video text message after event to thank them.

Next, we will setup the text for info text autoresponder with the initial instant confirmation for the event.

Setup Your Text for Info Lead Capture 

  1. Login to Your CallAction account

  2. Click on “Numbers”

  3. Click on “Manage” of your number used for text for info tool 

  4. Click on “Text Tool” settings

  5. Click “Add Key”

  6. Enter “Keyword” you will want user to text to RSVP to event. (i.e. RSVP, Xmas, etc)

  7. Enter your automated response that will be sent back to clients instantly.

  8. Attach your newly created event follow-up Drip Campaigns to your text Key

  9. Click “Save” at bottom.

Text for Info Tip: 

  • If you have an event where users must register or pay for event you can include the link to your eventbrite page, landing page, webinar, etc.

Here are some ideas to help promote your event to your clients.


Send an email to past clients. In the top of your email, include the instructions: Text RSVP to (xxx) xxx-xxxx in first paragraph of your email. Over 55% of all email is read on mobile, the phone number will be a clickable number making it easy for them to RSVP.


Ads: Build a custom audience using your clients email & phone numbers and run a Facebook ad campaign directly to them.

Event: Create the event in FB and include link in your text messages, so the users RSVP via Facebook which will allow all of their friends to see the event & your branding also.


Send postcards / invitations to your list with the “Text RSVP to (xxx) xxx-xxxx” instead of website URL. Most people sort mail over the trashcan and will have their phone next to them. Texting a code is much easier on their mobile phone than entering URL and filling out a form.

This process can be used for events, speaking engagements, open houses, coming soons, etc.

Bonus Tip

If you are requesting people to register for event using an online form where you get an email alert, you can try automatically attach a follow-up drip campaign to those also.

Setup a dedicated phone number for the event and forward the email notifications to the dedicated CallAction email address with the drip campaign set to on.

Not Currently a User?  Try a Free 14-Day Trial.

The CallAction intelligent marketing automation platform can help your business grow. This workflow highlights two systems included in our platform, our text for info system and our drip campaign system. Feel free to search these help docs to learn more.  

You can setup a free trial in less than 10 mins to try this workflow. 

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