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Generate Leads on Craigslist using CallAction Text for Info System
Generate Leads on Craigslist using CallAction Text for Info System

Learn How to Generate Free Real Estate Leads on Craigslist using a Text for Info Tool. Lead flow is Craigslist > CallAction > Your CRM

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Use Craigslist to Generate Leads using CallAction Text for Info System

Craigslist is still receiving millions of visitors per month and can be an incredible source of free leads. Agents pulled back from using Craigslist once you could no longer include links to your websites to lead capture sources. This has created a great opportunity because there is now significantly less competition. 

CallAction provides you a simple and extremely effective way to generate leads from Craigslist with call capture phone numbers and text for info lead generation. We have some agents that generate over 60 leads a month for free using this marketing technique.

Generating Real Estate Leads using Craigslist

Following is an end-to-end detailed workflow using CallAction text for info, your IDX website, CRM and Facebook retargeting.

The concept is to advertise a property or list of properties on Craigslist and make the information available via a frictionless text message using the CallAction text for info lead capture system to deliver the info instantly.

You will capture the lead information with a valid phone number and have ability to drive traffic to your IDX website.

Craigslist > CallAction > CRM > Facebook Workflow

Now that you understand what the process is we will start will the process of building your Craigslist real estate lead funnel starting with the automated follow-up drip campaigns.

Create Your Craigslist Lead Follow-Up Drip Campaign

  1. Login to CallAction 

  2. Click on “Tools”

  3. Click on “Drip Campaigns”

  4. Click on “New Drip Campaign

  5. Name your “Campaign” 

  6. Add Steps (see tips below)

  7. Click "Save" drip campaign

Next, we'll setup the text for info system to use in the Craigslist ad, deliver the automated text message and start the drip campaign.

Setup Your CallAction Text for Info Lead Capture Systems

  1. Login to Your CallAction account

  2. Click on “Numbers”

  3. Click on “Manage” of your number used for text for info tool 

  4. Click on “Text Tool” settings

  5. Click “Add Key”

  6. Enter “Keyword” you will want user to text like "INVESTMENT" 

  7. Enter your automated response that will be sent back to clients instantly.
    Note: Your response should contain link to your IDX website or other online lead capture form that may have a Facebook pixel.

  8. Attach your newly created event follow-up Drip Campaigns to your text Key

  9. Click “Save” at bottom.

Now get ready to post your lead generation ad on Craigslist.

How to Post Real Estate Ads on Craigslist

Next, post you ad on Craigslist. Be sure to have nice image of the property ready.

  1. Click on "Post to Classifieds" in top left

  2. Select "Housing Offered" & Continue

  3. Select "Real Estate - by Broker" & Continue

  4. Select area for your ad

  5. Enter details for your Craigslist Ad with all details as required by CL

  6. In the body of the ad in the middle of your descriptions will add in your "Text (KEY) to (xxx) xxx-xxxx" with you CallAction text for info phone number

  7. Click Continue 

  8. Confirm the Craigslist real estate ad you just posted with the confirmation email. 

Craigslist Real Estate Ad Tips

  • Use a nice catchy image but not the primary image posted on MLS or portal websites. This is because homebuyers will recognize the home and not respond.

  • Most have a catchy headline that creates curiosity and get homebuyers to click on your real estate ad.

  • Write detailed description that creates emotion to where lead will want to see your offer for additional "photos & info" 

  • Cheap homes, foreclosures and list of homes priced under X work really well.

Now you'll be able to generate free real estate leads on Craigslist. Your leads will be automatically followed-up & nurtured using your drip campaigns. 

Sync Craigslist Real Estate Leads Directly into Your Real Estate CRM

Make sure you CallAction account is integrated with your real estate CRM like Followup Boss, Top Producer, CINC, Boomtown, Lion Desk, Brivity CRM and others using our detailed instructions. 

Retarget Craigslist Real Estate Leads on Facebook with Custom Audience

Once you have generated your Craigslist leads you can stay top of mind with them by building a Facebook custom audience using their phone numbers (highest match rate) and running appropriate ads directly to them.

Try this CallAction / Craigslist Workflow Free

If you are not currently a CallAction user, you can still try this workflow to generate free leads from Craigslist. We offer a free 14-day trial of services that you can setup in less than 10 mins. 

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