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Generate Leads Helping FSBO Owners
Generate Leads Helping FSBO Owners

Learn how to generate free real estate leads helping For Sale by Owner homeowners with a FSBO kit, CallAction call capture & text for info

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For Sale by Owner Lead Generation Workflow

According to NAR, every year about 8% (400K - 500K) homes are sold by owner (FSBO) with many more starting as a "For Sale by Owner" but eventually listing with a real estate agent. This creates opportunities to generate real estate leads.

Mortgage lenders and real estate agents can leverage CallAction to approach sellers with some of the marketing and a FSBO kit with the primary goal of generating real estate leads and seller listing referrals.

The goal is to create a win / win scenario for both you and the FSBO.

Making the FSBO Marketing Offer

The average for sale by owner homeowner struggles with the following items according to NAR survery data. 

  • Getting the right price / marketing: 18%

  • Preparing/fixing up home for sale: 13%

  • Understanding and performing paperwork: 12%

Use these known pain-points to offer help to FSBO and also providing them with the following

The moment a FSBO seller post their home for sale by owner they will get tons of calls from agents, investors and home buyers as their contact info will be scraped and aggregated and sold.    

Your offer to help them keep their phone number private by giving them a CallAction phone to use in all of their marketing to avoid the pain of people contacting them to list their home even after their home has been sold.

You may choose much or as little involved beyond the solving this primary pain point.  

Benefit of Helping For Sale by Owners

Realtors: you start to earn the trust of the sellers & identify buyers

Mortgage Lenders: you will identify real estate agents to work with (the ones calling on the FSBO), generate buyers to prequalify and if home does not sell have listings to give back to your real estate agents.

How You can Help For Sale by Owners

You can help FSBO in a few ways depending on how involved your like to be in the process.

A) Provide signage & call capture number that is forwarded to the for sale by owner. Calls are forwarded directly to the owner of the home to let them speak with buyers, agents, etc. You give them account and can  This is minimal effort and involvement.

B) Provide full marketing, call capture to qualify the inbound leads. This is more effort but you will convert the sellers into listings at a higher rate because you'll have more trust & rapport established.

Finding For Sale by Owner Listings

Here are some ways to find FSBO’s in your areas.

  • Craigslist

  • Facebook marketplace

  • Make me Move on Zillow

  • FSBO List Data providers like Landvoice

  • Newspapers

  • Nextdoor 

  • For Sale by Owner Websites

Create Your FSBO Kit

Items your should include in your For Sale by Owner Kit.

  • CallAction phone number

  • Full size yard sign

  • FSBO flyers (saved as PDF) with CallAction number (use

  • Open House Signs

  • List of websites and ad sources to advertise property

  • "What to expect" selling your home FSBO checklist

  • Checklist of recommended improvements

  • CMA or home valuation report

FSBO Lead Generation Workflow

  1. Add a new dedicated CallAction phone number to the FSBO sellers marketing.

  2. Create a full size FSBO signs w/ a CallAction call capture phone number to give to consumer. 

  3. Provide a "Text for Info" sign rider to capture leads and identify neighbors who maybe possibly selling in the near future.

  4. Put up FSBO sign riders

  5. Advertise property to generate leads

  6. Capture leads, screen & prequalify (if lender)

FSBO Text for Info Sign Riders 

Use the text for info sign riders to generate both leads from buyers but also nearby sellers who will text to learn what their neighbor is selling their home for (review details below.

Since you may not have ability to create a website for the FSBO, you can create flyers with photos & maybe link to video tours. 

Steps to Setup Text for Info Sign Riders for For Sale by Owner Owners

Setup the text tool to allow users to request property flyers. 

  1. Create a property flyer with multiple photos for the FSBO and save as PDF on

  2. Upload PDF to any free online storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive.

  3. Get a shareable link to document, so people can download & view document

  4. Copy of the long link into URL shortner like & personalize w/ property address. (e.g. 

  5. Activate a CallAction number as a text tool with these instructions

  6. Setup a simple "Key" that is also printed on sign rider for users to request info.

  7. Setup response with property details, size, bed, bath, price & link to the flyer. If you have video, you can also include link to the video.

Now, anyone driving by can request info about the property without disturbing the owner was is a value proposition for them. 

Capture Seller Leads

CallAction does real-time reverse data append and attempts to locate the address and property details of anyone who calls or texts.

As people text for info, simply review the captured info. If you notice that an owner nearby requested the info, check the appended data to see if the user owns a home and how long ago they purchased. If 3 or more years, they maybe thinking of selling in the future. 

Try Our FSBO Lead Generation Workflow Free

If you are interested in generating real estate leads by helping for sale by owner home sellers, you can setup a free 14-day trial of CallAction. 

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