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Use Immoviewer 3D Video Tours for Real Estate Lead Generation
Use Immoviewer 3D Video Tours for Real Estate Lead Generation

Learn how to generate real estate leads using a Ricoh Theta camera, 3D real estate tours & CallAction automation software

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Homebuyers and Sellers want 360 & 3D Real Estate Video Tours

Set up an Immoviewer real estate tours + CallAction workflow to generate leads from your property listings across all of these online and offline marketing channels.

  • Website & Lead Generating Landing Pages

  • Real Estate Sign Riders

  • Facebook 

  • Craigslist

  • Direct Mail / Just Listed

  • Real Estate Listing Presentations (Sellers)

Never seen a Immoviewer 3D video tour?  

You can text Immoviewer to (657) 444-1500 24hrs a day for a quick sample via email which is what we are showing here.

Surveys Show the Homebuyers Want to See Photos & Video Content

Consumers are consuming video at record amounts via social media and mobile devices. This has made photos and real estate videos some of the most desired content as validated by NAR Homebuyers & Home Sellers survey data. is different than Matterport 3D tours in that you can use your own Ricoh Theta camera to create your video tours. This lowers the cost of getting professional-looking real estate video tours for each real estate listing.

Generate Real Estate Leads using Immoviewer Tours via Text for Info

The process is fairly straight forward 

  • Get your Immoviewer video link

  • Setup your CallAction text tool

  • Setup your marketing channels & integrations

Let's get started.

Below is an image of the dashboard with the red border around the share button indicating where to find the link is to share a specific real estate 3D tour.

  1. Go to your Immoviewer Login

  2. Click on My Tours on left side

  3. Click the Share button of the specific video tour you wish to use

  4. Copy the URL (link) 

Setup CallAction Text for Info for Immoviewer Responses

Now you will create the actual message to be used in your text for info lead capture system.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Click on Manage button for your Text Tool number you will use

  4. Click on Text Tool Settings

  5. Click  + Add Key button

  6. Create a new Key / Code that will be used in advertising for leads to text
    (Note: keep it simple & double-check to make sure autocorrect suggest changes)

  7. Type your automated response that will be sent.
    Best Practices: Include full address which will open up map & navigation from users phone.
    Your contact number for them to call / text you with questions.  
    Paste the Immoviewer link to 3D real estate tour.
    Lastly,  your website address to get users into your "eco system"

  8. Click Save and window will close and return to text tool

  9. Send a test text with the KEY to review text response

  10. Bonus: If you have the CallAction drip campaigns in your account, you many also attach your automated follow-up drip campaign 


You are now ready to start generating real estate leads using your Immoviewer 3D video tours and the CallAction text tool. 

Setup Your Real Estate Generation Channels Leveraging 3D Video Tour as the Lead Magnet

Now comes the creative process of using the text for info system to generate leads. We have prepared some workflows were you can put your own touch using these examples as guidelines.

CallAction users can also visit our private real estate marketing mastermind group for additional marketing ideas.

Sync Captured Leads into Your Real Estate CRM Automatically

If you have one of our real estate CRM integrations, all of your buyer and seller leads can be automatically synced in real-time in your favorite real estate CRM like Boomtown, Commissions Inc, LionDesk, Follow up Boss, Top Producer and other systems.

Text for a Instant Demo of this Immoviewer Tour Lead Generation Workflow

See it in action now! Experience this workflow like your customer would if they saw the following custom sign rider on your real estate listing.

You will receive an automated text response in few secs showing your the consumer experience of the Immoviewer 3D tour.

Try this Immoviewer + CallAction Workflow Now

If you are not currently a CallAction user, we offer a free 14-day trial of services. You can setup a free account in less than 10mins with our simple signup process. 

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