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Generate Real Estate Leads with Floor Plans
Generate Real Estate Leads with Floor Plans

Learn how to leverage real estate listings and floor plans to generate real estate leads using the CallAction text for info service

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Use Floor Plans to Generate Real Estate Leads

According to homebuyer and seller surveys from NAR, floor plans are considered one of the most useful information pieces agents can provide behind photos and detailed descriptions.

Leverage this knowledge to generate real estate leads by offering easy access to real estate listing floor plans using our text for info service

Prospective home buyers can request the floor plans and you return a link to the floor plans or to a webpage with the floor plans, photos and descriptions.

Overview of Real Estate Lead Generation using Floor Plans

  • Order floor plans and host online 

  • Create a text for info keyword and response with link to floor plans

  • Advertise and market the availability of floor plans for your listing

Where to Market Floor Plans to Generate Leads

Here are a few places where you can make floor plans available using your text for info software and have captured leads synced directly into your CRM and start an automated follow-up drip campaign.

1. Obtain a Custom Floor Plan for your Real Estate Listing

There are a many services to order floor plans for your listings. Most of these will provide you a pdf or image of the floor plan that you can use nearly everywhere. Some of our recommended sources: 

  • Box Brownie Floor Plans: Easiest, cheapest and fastest option. Ready within 24hrs. and don't need measurements.

  • Homedepot Measures: Official measuring service from Homedepot.

  • Matterport: Matterport tours offers virtual floor plans using custom cameras.

  • Immoviewer: another virtual floor plan option using Ricoh cameras.

Once you have your floor plans, you'll need to make them available via a link. 

2. Hosting Floor Plans on the Web

Here are a few options to make your floor plans available. 

  • Upload floor plan as PDF or image to Google drive, Dropbox with a public link

  • Include floor plans in a private listing webpage on website or blog

  • Post floor plans on your Facebook business page and use link to images 

You'll need to have this step completed first in order to generate leaders.

3. How to Setup Text for Info Lead Generation using Floor Plans

Here's the step by step guide to setup your CallAction text for info solution.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Manage of your Text for Info number

  4. Click Add Key to create a new keyword and response 

  5. Enter a Keyword for consumers to text

  6. Enter your text response for more information
    Pro tip: Include a call to action to schedule a showing or tour in your response.

  7. Optional: You can attach a specific automated drip campaign to follow-up on your text for info leads.

  8. Click Save

Here's also video on how to setup a text for info campaign.

Free Trial of CallAction Text for Info Service

Interested in trying out our text for info software to generate real estate leads? Setup your free trial of the text for info service in less than 10 mins. You'll be able to capture leads and sync them directly into your CRM automatically with one of API or Zapier integrations. 

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