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Text for Info Service
Text for Info Service

Learn how to use text for information service to provide information and generate leads from text riders, print, online or from the stage.

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How to Setup a Text for More Information on CallAction

Let consumers request more information via text message to generate leads. The CallAction text for info service allows you to instantly setup an unlimited number of text message campaigns.

CallAction uses regular phone numbers for text for info campaigns vs. text short codes.  Our text for info phone numbers let consumers start a text conversation or call after receiving the information via text. 

Use Text for Info in your Marketing

Here is some of the places you can use a text for info service in your marketing.

  • Real estate text riders

  • Text for info offer on direct mail 

  • Speakers can offer copy of presentations from stage using text for info

  • Use text for info in Facebook ads, marketplace or on craigslist

Capture Phone Numbers using Text for Info

Remove the friction of filling out a form online or needing to visit a website or landing page on a mobile phone. Text for info is frictionless lead generation that 100% guarantees you will capture the accurate phone number of everyone requesting information.  

Automate Your Text for Info Lead Follow-up with Drip Campaigns 

After a person requests more information by text, CallAction can assign a drip campaign to do your lead follow-up and long term lead nurture. 

Build Your CRM Database using Text for Information Lead Capture

As consumers send in a text for more information request, the requesters information is then captured and can be pushed into your CRM automatically. 

Step by Step Setup Guide for CallAction Text for Info Tool

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Manage of your Text for Info number

  4. Click Add Key to create a new keyword and response

  5. Enter a Keyword for consumers to text

  6. Enter your text response for more information

  7. Optional: You can attach a specific automated drip campaign to follow-up on your text for info leads.

  8. Click Save

Your new text for info campaign is instantly active and ready to be used.

Free Trial of CallAction Text for Information Service

Interested in trying out our text for info software? Setup your free trial of the text for info service in less than 10 mins. You'll be able to capture leads and sync them directly into your CRM automatically with one of API or Zapier integrations. 

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