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Get Text for Info Real Estate Leads into BoomTown
Get Text for Info Real Estate Leads into BoomTown

Learn how to generate real estate leads using text for info real estate sign riders into the Boomtown real estate CRM with a Zapier Zap

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Generate Boomtown Real Estate Leads using Text for Info

Real estate teams with listing inventory can generate real estate leads with the CallAction text for info lead funnel system.  

Create text for info sign riders like the example one below. These highly quality real estate leads are looking for information and may schedule tours.

Try it now by texting 'BT Zap' to (515) 375-5550 get this workflow.

The homebuyer leads can be synced directly into the BoomTown CRM and distributed as new buyer leads to your agents via this real estate lead funnel and workflow.

Bonus: This workflow generates Boomtown real estate site traffic and increases your Boomtown lead registrations and you can now retarget the real estate leads on Facebook.

How to generate text for info real estate leads into BoomTown

The simple CallAction to Boomtown lead funnel workflow is as follows:

Now you can generate free real estate leads using text for info and have an entire end to end workflow using CallAction and Boomtown integration.

Boomtown Real Estate Lead Management & Routing via Zapier

Using the Boomtown ROI Zapier connection you have a few ways to distribute leads. You can auto-assign leads via round robin or route leads directly to an agent.

Steps to Setup the Text Sign Rider Lead Capture

  1. Setup Text for Info Number

  2. Order Text for Info yard signs

  3. Create CallAction to Boomtown Zapier Zap

Let's get started.

Video How to Setup the Boomtown Zapier for Text for Info Leads

Watch the quick video to see how quickly you can setup this workflow. Detailed step by step instructions are below. 

You can also see this Boomtown real estate lead workflow on Youtube.

Setup CallAction Text for Info Lead Capture System

We'll assume you already have a CallAction account but if you don't, book a demo and get a free trial.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Add a new CallAction phone number to use as text for info (select an easy to remember vanity number)

  3. Add a text code keyword (to be printed on signs) Note: you can have a single sign design with one keyword for all you listings to save time.

Create the CallAction to Boomtown Zap in Zapier

Now, create the Zapier post that will export captured new leads into Boomtown CRM.

  1. Get your private CallAction Zapier invite here

  2. Choose Trigger - New Contact

  3. Choose Your BoomTown Account
    Note: for round robin lead manage connect Boomtown owner / admin account.

  4. Click Custom Lead to create Zapier post to Boomtown

  5. Select First Name using CallAction first merge field (top right box)

  6. Select Last Name using CallAction last name merge field

  7. Source, select from drop down

  8. Import type, select API import

  9. Buyer Assignment, select Auto Assign (for round robin or others)

  10. Buyer Category, select Hot

  11. Seller Assignment, select as needed. Note: can use text for info to generate home seller home valuation leads also.

  12. Day Phone, select CallAction phone merge field

  13. Notes, enter "Text for Info Sign Rider Lead" and merge CallAction phone field

Test and Save CallAction to Boomtown Zapier Integration

  1. Send Test

  2. Click Sent Test & Review

  3. Click Done

Get your signs up and you are now generating leads from your yard signs using CallAction and syncing them directly into Boomtown ROI CRM for follow up.

Automate Your Follow Up of Text for Info Leads with CallAction

You can automate the follow up of the text for info leads with intelligent drip campaigns in CallAction from the same phone number. We don't use text short code marketing as those numbers are one way communication and the goal is to create conversations should the lead call. 

Yard Sign Lead Generation Ideas

Maximize the revenue and lead potential from your yard signs. Here are a few ways to generate leads from your listings.

  • Call Capture number

  • Real estate flyers

  • Text for info

  • Financing options

  • Digital real estate flyer box

You can generate additional leads using a dedicated call capture number as the primary number yard sign and distribute yard sign calls to your team with the CallAction call broadcast lead router. Those calls can be recorded, transcribed and synced into Boomtown with our Boomtown API integration.

If you use real estate flyers with a real estate flyer box you can also use the CallAction text for info lead capture system to generate leads from real estate flyers

Need more real estate lead generation ideas? 

Contact us to book a free consultation to discuss your lead flow and how we can help you. 

Text for Info Lead Capture Free Trial

Not currently a CallAction user? Check out some CallAction reviews and signup for a free trial of CallAction today. Learn why the top Boomtown real estate teams are using CallAction.

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