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Add Extra Phone Numbers
Add Extra Phone Numbers

9 Steps to Add an Additional CallAction Phone Number

Updated over a week ago

9 steps to add additional CallAction phone numbers to your account

We suggest that you run multiple phone numbers to track marketing KPI's and to capture and segment your leads from marketing channels. 

Adding phone numbers is simple and easy.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Phone Numbers"

  3. Click on "Add Phone Numbers"

  4. Enter desired Area code

  5. Optional - you can refine your phone number search to specific number series or vanity words

  6. Click search phone numbers

  7. List of available phone numbers will appear

  8. Select checkbox next to phone number(s) you want to add to your account

  9. Scroll to bottom, click "Get Selected Phone Numbers"

Great! You have now added additional call capture and  call tracking numbers to your account. Next you will need to manage those numbers.

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