9 steps to search for a vanity phone number

Learn how you can search for a custom vanity phone number on CallAction at no extra cost.  Find a phone number that is easy to remember like a number series (i.e. "555") or possibly a word search (i.e. "Sold").

(NOTE: on Word based numbers. when using the text keyboard, the letters are not displayed making it difficult for a user to actually text your number)

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Phone Numbers"

  3. Far right, click "Add Numbers"

  4. Enter word or number series in optional search window

  5. Click "Search Phone Numbers"

  6. Available numbers will be displayed below search

  7. Select check box of desired number(s)

  8. Scroll to bottom and "Get Selected Phone Numbers"

  9. Numbers are automatically added to your account and will appear in phone number list.

Now, you got a custom phone number!

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