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How to Filter Phone Numbers
How to Filter Phone Numbers

Learn how to quickly filter conversations by phone numbers or user in CallAction. Sort conversations by phone, campaign or user.

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Filter Conversations by Phone Numbers

Find all of your calls and text messages to specific CallAction call capture and tracking numbers using the filters in the conversation view. Sort the conversation list by the following:

  • All users & phone numbers

  • User name

  • Phone number

  • Campaign name

In just a quick few clicks you'll see all calls, texts, and contacts.

We have grouped and nested the phone numbers in the following order:

  • All Numbers > Users > User Phone Number

Instant Tour of Filter

CallAction users can click this button to take an instant tour.

Filter Contacts / Conversations by User

By default, when you log into CallAction the contacts will be sorted by user name. This filter includes all phone numbers associated with the specific user.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Conversations

  3. Click on User dropdown (see above image)

  4. Select User name

You'll now see all contact conversations from all numbers associated to the user as a destination.

Filter by a User's Specific Phone Number

Below the User name is the list of all phone numbers associated with the user as a destination.

These numbers are sorted by descending order for quick reference and display associated campaign name and include the icon to show type of campaign phone number, like a lead router, text tool or email collection.

  1. Click on User dropdown

  2. Select a Phone number

View All Contacts in CallAction Conversation

Want to see total contacts in CallAction? You can instantly search with one click.

  1. Click on User dropdown

  2. Select All Phone Numbers & Users

Narrow Search of Filtered Contacts

You can narrow down your search even further by using the search box, preset filters or tag search.

Once you have a narrowed list, you'll see the total number of contacts in conversations based on the filter. You can also save the filter into a saved list to use with our sales dialer or to assign bulk tags or drip campaigns.

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