Simple Lead Follow Up Workflow in CallAction

The fastest and most efficient lead follow up using the CallAction platform. 

Our goal is to eliminate CRM follow up task lists and automate the tedious and repetitive outbound follow up attempts, so you can focus on valuable inbound conversations.  

Basic lead follow up workflow is 3 simple steps on one screen.

  1. View incoming lead responses / conversations

  2. Respond to conversations via text message or phone call

  3. Set the follow up action using automated campaigns

Here is a quick review of the follow up workflow. If you are a CallAction user, you can simply take a quick tour to see how to respond.

1. View Incoming Leads via Conversations

Conversations is a list of all incoming leads from calls, text or emails. The most recent lead is at the top of the list in chronological order. 

  • Red Dot is a new lead / conversation

  • Red dot with a number shows number of responses from the contact

  • Green dot with check signifies you have checked and responded to the contact

You goal is to always have green checks as it means you are caught up on responding to leads. You can filter contacts by phone number, tags and other pre-made filters.

Click on Contact phone / name select the contact to respond to.

2. Respond to Contact's Conversation

Responding to a contact is as simple as sending a text message or clicking a call button. 

  • Respond via Text Msg: Enter a text response and press Text

  • Call the Contact: click the Call button

Pro tips: You can use a canned text response for fast and efficient engagement of leads. Respond later using Schedule Text message to send later.

Next, setup your future automated follow up actions for the selected lead.

3. Set up Follow Up Action for the Contact

Click on Actions in top right to take the next sales follow up actions. The recommended steps are: 

  1. Attach a Follow Up Drip Campaign: Click on drip campaigns and select the most appropriate follow up campaign based on outcome of conversation.

  2. Tag the Contact: Tag the contact for easy future filtering and follow up based on contact status.

  3. Add Notes (and/or text reminder): Click on add notes to include information and if needed, add a text reminder to your note to follow up in future.

Done, you have now followed up with a lead and scheduled your future lead follow up to avoid forgetting about leads and to maximize your lead conversion.

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