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Create Canned Text Response Templates
Create Canned Text Response Templates

Learn how to create a pre-defined, canned text responses with emojis to simplify your CallAction workflow

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Save time, respond with pre-defined SMS text message templates

Streamline your daily workflow with easy access text message templates. ย 

You can easily save hours a month in the amount of time spent composing text messages. Increase your productivity when you use canned responses with our automated drip campaigns.

You can access these templates on any device by selecting the text bubble icon.ย 

You can create an unlimited amount of canned responses for the most common questions you receive in your business. Your replies can also include emojis to make them appear more natural and friendly.

Steps to create a canned text templates

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on your Profile in top right

  3. Click on "Response Templates"ย 

  4. Click "New Response Template"

  5. Create your saved text message response
    (Note: you can add emojis ๐Ÿ˜€. Mac user: ctrl + command + spacebar )

  6. Click "Save"

Note: You can also edit any existing response template.
โ€‹Pro Tips: if you are using drip campaigns preset responses to start the conversation when they reply. Also if you have a team, have a message for team members details so you can easily notify clients which team member will call. Create template with your mortgage lenders contact info and any other service providers you may refer clients to.

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