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Send a Text Message from CallAction
Send a Text Message from CallAction

Learn how to send your first text message from your computer or phone using CallAction.

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How to Send a Text Message

Start a conversation on CallAction by sending a text message from your computer or phone. Let's get started by texting a friend or family member.

Send a Text Message from Computer / Ipad

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Conversations

  3. Click the New button (top left)

  4. Select your CallAction phone number to send text message from

  5. Enter the phone number to send text to

  6. Enter First & Last Name of contact

  7. Enter the email address (optional)

  8. Type your text message body

  9. Click text button

Send a Text from Mobile Web App

Same steps as above except New bottom is top right.

Done! You have sent your first text message using CallAction.

Once you receive a text response, reply to the text message asking them to call your CallAction number directly so you can receive your first inbound phone call.

If you have integrated your CRM, search for the name and phone number of the person in your CRM now.

It is the same process to make a call from your CallAction number. You can also assign a text drip campaign to automate your lead follow-up.

Automate Your Outreach with a Free CallAction Trial

If you are in sales or marketing, you can automate your data-entry, tracking, and outreach using the CallAction sales enablement platform.

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