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Send a Text Message from Follow Up Boss using CallAction
Send a Text Message from Follow Up Boss using CallAction

Send a text message to a Follow Up Boss contact using the CallAction embedded app. This will send a text message from the CallAction number.

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How to Send a Text Message using CallAction in Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss users who have embedded the CallAction app can quickly send text messages to contacts from their CallAction number associated with a contact.

Quickly Engage Contacts Responding to Text Drip Campaigns

When a contact responds to an assigned a drip campaign, it will instantly pause the drip campaign and sync the response to your Follow Up Boss notes. You can then simply click into the CallAction text message box and send a personalized text message to continue the conversation on the same phone number.

Send a Text Message in Follow Up Boss from Your CallAction Number

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss

  2. Click on Persons

  3. Click on the Name of the contact you want to send a text message to

  4. Enter your text message in the message input box

  5. Click Text to send message

Your text message will be instantly sent and logged into your Follow Up Boss notes in real-time.

Automate Your Follow Up using Text Drip Campaigns

If the Follow Up Boss contact requires a future follow-up after your two-way conversation, you can instantly assign a long-term drip campaign to follow up with the leads until they respond again. This concept is part of Tom Ferry million-dollar follow-up systems strategy.

Start a Free Trial of CallAction

If you are not currently a CallAction user, you can set up a free trial now and we will help you revive your leads with our drip campaigns.

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