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Schedule Text Messages in Follow Up Boss
Schedule Text Messages in Follow Up Boss

Learn how to schedule text messages using the Follow Up Boss CRM embedded app.

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How to Schedule a Text Message

Need to follow up with a contact tomorrow at 7pm? Instead of scheduling a task, write and schedule a text message now within the Follow Up Boss CRM using the CallAction embedded app.

Scheduling to a Text

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss

  2. Select the Contact to schedule a text

  3. Add the contact to CallAction, if not currently added

  4. Write your text message

  5. Click the Schedule button

  6. Select a date & time

  7. Press Text

Once you have scheduled a text message to send in the future, you'll see the on the contact record. You can cancel a scheduled message anytime with the simple click of X.

Canceling a Scheduled Text Message

  1. Select Contact

  2. Click on the Schedule Text notification

  3. Click on the X to Cancel

Stack Your Scheduled Follow Up Text Campaign

If you think the contact may not respond to the initial scheduled text message, you can also assign a CallAction drip campaign that starts after the scheduled message to continue your follow-up.

Not a CallAction User?

Start a free trial of CallAction and turn on the embedded app. You'll be able to automate your Follow Up Boss lead follow up with our powerful workflow.

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