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Follow Up Boss Texting
Follow Up Boss Texting

Learn how to setup Follow Up Boss text drip campaigns with ringless voicemails by integrating via API. Adds texting to FUB.

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Create Follow Up Boss Text Drip Campaigns with CallAction

Follow Up Boss is a powerful CRM with integrated text message capabilities. Currently texting from Follow Up Boss is limited to an initial text message when a lead is received and manual texting.

You can extend Follow Up Boss texting and call tracking functionality with CallAction.

Add Text Message Drip Campaigns to Follow Up Boss CRM

Follow up with leads imported into the FUB CRM using CallAction text drip campaigns. Our powerful text message campaigns and proven text templates allow you to build effective follow up campaigns with the following types of messages:

Our text campaigns also allow you to build powerful and authentic follow-up action plans with 17 message scheduling options:

Seamless API Integration Displays Text Messages Directly into Follow Up Boss

All text messages are directly synced into the Follow Up Boss CRM in real-time with our powerful Follow Up Boss integration.Β 

The Follow Up Boss integration also allows for call capture, recording and tracking. The CallAction call broadcast tool and drip campaigns are used by top real estate teams like Gary Ashton and Robert Slack who trusts his nearly $5 Million a year spend on leads to CallAction and Follow Up Boss.

How to Setup Text Drip Campaigns Synced to Follow UP Boss

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile

  3. Click on Integrations

  4. Click on Follow Up Boss

  5. Click Save

Once your account is connected you can start to send Follow Up Boss leads into CallAction using email parser, Zapier or directly from the source into CallAction using the CallAction embedded app in Follow Up Boss.Β 

Try Text Drip Campaigns Free for 14-Days

Setup a free 14-day trial of CallAction with your Follow Up Boss CRM. Automated and streamline your lead follow up with powerful text drip campaigns within 1 hr. to see immediate improvement on lead conversion.

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