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Learn How to Instantly Respond to All Your Email Leads with CallAction Text Message Auto-Responders & Follow-Up / Drip Marketing Automation

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Setup Your CallAction Email Settings for Parsing Your Email Leads

Responding to leads in less than 5 minutes increases your lead conversion up to 100x. CallAction email parser allows you to forward email leads to our lead engagement automation platform to instantly respond to 100% of your leads via text message in 2 mins or less.

We can import and engage with leads for 100's of different sources. 

The easiest way is to setup email forwarding rules to send your leads into the CallAction platform. Our system will then extract the name, phone numbers and email addresses from those emails to create contacts in CallAction while simultaneously exporting those leads to your preferred CRM like FollowUp Boss, BoomTown, CINC, Top Producer, Brivity and others.

Instantly and Automatically Respond to Every Lead with Text Auto-Responders

Every CallAction call tracking phone number comes with its own dedicated email address. Using multiple phone numbers allows you to track all your lead sources individually and measure your marketing ROI. Let's get started now by checking all of your CallAction email settings.

Access Your CallAction Email Settings

First, we will show you how to find your email settings in CallAction.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Phone Numbers"

  3. Click on "Manage" button of a phone number

  4. Click on the "Email Settings" button

Great, you are now in your CallAction email settings window.

Email Settings

Below is a list of all of the available email settings. Scroll list to learn more about each setting. If you are on the page you can mouse over the tool tips for a quick description of the setting.

CallAction Email

This is your dedicated email address for your CallAction phone number. 

Emails received to the CallAction email address will be parsed and responded to via text using the associated phone number.

Use this email address in your email forwarding rules and lead integrations like Zillow.

Automated Text Message

Personalize your outbound text auto-responder message.

Email leads that are successfully parsed and imported into CallAction system will automatically receive the selected text message from the associated CallAction phone number within 90-120 secs. The system purposely delays the outgoing text message to make it seem more natural.

You can personalize the outbound text message to the lead source and include emojis to increase lead conversion and make the text seems natural.

Best practice is to end the text message with a question to create engagement and continue a conversation. As an example: "What is the best time to contact you today?" If you are using this for a specific marketing campaign such as Zillow leads, be sure to reference the original lead source to increase your response rates.

If the consumer does not respond to this text message auto-responder in first 45 mins, the system will automatically send a second text message to follow-up. 

Email leads received after hours are automatically contacted the following morning with a basic text natural looking text message designed to maximize your lead response.  

Exclude Phone Numbers

Use this email setting to exclude phone numbers found in the email from being parsed and associated with the imported contact record.

You should exclude any phone numbers that are not provided by the inbound lead via a form fill. This includes sender phone numbers, phone numbers in your email signature or the lead provider signature.

Exclude a phone number by simply entering a phone number into the text box and clicking the green "Add" button.

Exclude Email Addresses

Use this setting to exclude the email providers "from" email address from being parsed and associated with the imported contact record.

This is extremely important. You must exclude every sender's "From" email address as to avoid duplicate entries in CRM's when using API or email integrations. You can add an unlimited number of excluded email address to the system.

Examples of the email addresses that should be excluded;,,,, etc.

Lead Broadcast

Use this setting to send email notifications of inbound leads and text responses to an assistant, ISA, or team member. 

Email notification contains a link to access the contact record, allowing you to reply to text messages from a desktop computer, iPad or mobile phone with email and browser access. Emails also use the lead metadata standard allowing for easy parsing by other systems.

Every time a person responds to a text message an email will be sent, allowing you to respond to every text message. Email notifications are sent from a dedicated email address for each lead for easy sorting and grouping of conversations.

You can add one or more email addresses to receive notifications. Multiple emails must be separated using a comma.

Lead Export Integration

Allows for simple, one step integrations with CRM systems via an instant outbound email notification. 

This is setting where you would include an email address like "", Top Producer's or your FollowUp Boss lead routing email.

You may include multiple email addresses allowing you to export leads to multiple systems simultaneously, like CINC, Zapier and MailChimp.

New Lead Export email contains all of the append lead intelligence data in an easily parsable format and the standard popularized by Fivestreet. Our outbound email notifications are parsed by 100's of vendors for the easiest integration possible.


Tag all inbound leads with the marketing channel source from the drop-down options.

Use this setting for lead tracking. Select the marketing channel of the advertising campaign that is delivering leads. Allows you to measure your marketing ROI.

Channel reference the general communication channel type and corresponds to Google Analytics standard reporting.


Use this drop-down email setting to tag leads with the actual lead source for tracking purposes.

Source options are dependent upon the selected "channel". Sources include companies like Google, Facebook or more general options like postcards, yard signs, billboard, cable, etc.

Campaign Name

Enter a custom name to tag all inbound leads from your marketing campaign.

This is the most used and recommended lead tracking field setting. You should name every CallAction email settings with a short descriptive name to identify where the leads are coming from and for clear reporting.

Example campaign names: Yard Sign Calls, Direct Mail, Geographic Farm, Website, Zillow, Google Pay Per Call, 123 Main St, etc.

Monthly Ad Budget

Enter an estimated monthly ad budget for the marketing campaign. This is used to calculate your cost per inquiry after receiving enough data.

The cost per inquiry metric allows you to compare which marketing campaign is providing the best ROI. You can use this to perform A/B test of marketing campaigns.

Text - New Lead Notifications

Setting turns "ON/OFF" new lead text notifications. The default is "ON" as this message includes a link to access the lead profile.

The only time this setting should be turned "OFF" is if you have an assistant answering messages using the lead broadcast emails, other integrated systems are also sending notifications or if you are a team leader using a call broadcast lead router.

Text Autoresponder

Setting turns "ON/OFF" the automated text auto-responder message. 

ON = automated text messages are being sent. 

OFF = no text messages and used to capture lead information only. The "OFF" setting is used if calls are being forward to a landline that is not text message enabled.

Follow-Up Text

Setting controls if a second follow-up text is automatically sent when a lead does not respond to the first outbound text message. You can select the time interval.

The default setting is "ON" as the second follow-up text typically receives a 22% response rate. 

You can turn setting to "OFF" is you are using this email parser to process registrations or other types of leads that don't require any follow-up. An example maybe to use this to send a one-time text confirmation to consumers who register for webinar or access to your website.

Done, you are not familiar with all of the CallAction email settings. You can return to our online help or access the main CallAction website.

Not Currently Using CallAction to Respond to Instantly Email Leads via Text?

If you are spending money advertising to receive inbound email leads from various online marketing channels, you could dramatically increase your lead conversion rates with our intelligent text message automation. You can also streamline your business by eliminating manual data entry into most CRM systems using CallAction as a lead bridge between systems.

Take 10 minutes to setup a free trial account and schedule a demo.

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