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Holiday Text Message Campaigns

Learn How to Automate Long-Term Lead Follow-Up and Nurturing using the CallAction Holiday Drip SMS / Text Message Marketing

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Set up Your Intelligent Holiday SMS Marketing Automation 

Easily stay top of mind with your leads throughout the year using fully automated text message marketing. Send personal video text messages, funny animated gifs or images via MMS text messages with emojis for maximum lead response rates.

You be able engage all your leads just before the holidays to be top of mind for peak word of month referral events with our powerful drip marketing automation solution.

Our intelligent text message delivery system ensures you are never overwhelmed by mass text responses and you have the time to personally respond to each person, allowing you to reconnect and discover if they are still in the market.

Setup your drip text message campaign once and every inbound lead is automatically added to the holiday campaign, allowing you to set it and forget it until leads start to respond.

Follow are step by step detailed guide below.

Select Your Holiday SMS Marketing Schedule

Easily build your own custom holiday text schedule in minutes. We recommend selecting a schedule of no more than 8-10 holidays per year. You can turn "ON" the Conversations Only setting to send text message only to leads you engaged with.

  1.  Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Tools" in top navigation

  3. Click on "Holiday Campaigns"

  4. Click on "Campaign Settings"

  5. Scroll down list of holiday dates

  6. Click "ON" the holiday date you want to send SMS messages

  7. Click "Save All Changes"  

Personalize Your Holiday Text Messages

We recommend you personalize your holiday text messages but do not include your name or signature in the updated messages as it doesn't look natural. That is not how friends text each other. You should add emojis, images or video for maximum lead engagement.

  1. Click on the "Campaign Settings"

  2. Click the blank text box next to the holiday you want to personalize

  3. Enter your personalized text message. 

  4. Optional: Click "Add Media Message" to access your media library to add a native MMS video text or include a gif or image to your text message. (Learn more about video text messages

  5. Click "Save All Changes" 

Activate Your CallAction Phone Number to Send Holiday Text Messages

You can turn "ON" or "OFF" the holiday text campaign settings on each of your individual CallAction numbers. If you are leaving for the holiday, you can simply turn "OFF" the holiday text message and then turn it back "ON" to after the holiday to rebuild your campaign.

  1. Click "Tools" in top navigation

  2. Click on "Holiday Campaigns"

  3. Enable the holiday text using "ON/OFF" next to your selected CallAction number

Stop One or All Holiday Text Messages for an Individual Contact

Easily adjust holiday text settings for your individual leads or stop all holiday text message delivery completely.

  1. Login to CallAction 

  2. Click "Contacts"

  3. User search box to find individual contact (search by name or phone number)

  4. Click "Details" of the selected Contact record

  5. Scroll down and click on "Holiday Campaign" section

  6. Click "ON / OFF" for all or select individual holidays

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