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Automated Text Messaging
Automated Text Messaging

Add automated sms messaging to follow up and nurture leads in your existing CRM with CallAction lead management system

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Add Automated SMS Text Messaging to Your CRM

Streamline your workflow and increase sales productivity by increasing client contacts and conversations with automated text messaging.

What is Automated Text Messaging?

This is the scaleable process of a series of text messages to create a conversation based on a trigger.

It's a series of automated SMS messages (aka Drip Campaigns) designed to replicate a normal follow-up process typically done by support or salespeople.

Our automated messaging campaigns will run until a contact responds to the message allowing your salespeople to focus on conversations versus tasks.

Why Use Automated SMS Messaging?

Some of the benefits of using text message automation.

  • Increases efficiency and productivity

  • Automates the tedious, repetitive to do / follow-up tasks

  • Creates high intent inbound conversations

Automate Outbound Communication to Create inbound Conversations

CallAction's automated SMS messaging platform lets you build authentic drip campaigns or use our proven templates.

We offer the most advanced message scheduling and messaging types.

Add SMS Messaging to Your CRM

If your existing CRM doesn't have text messaging, you can easily add automated text message campaigns with our powerful native API integrations.

We also have a two-way Zapier integration to easily build powerful workflows.

Learn More About Automated Messaging

If you have an existing CRM that does not offer text messaging, book a call with us to learn how we can help you with automated messaging today.

We offer free trials of our service with every demo.

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