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Learn about missed call and answered call automation settings in CallAction's intelligent automated phone call follow-up system.

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How to Set Answered and Missed Call Text Message Reply Automations

Phone calls are typically a sales persons or businesses highest intent, most valuable lead. There are two phone call status; call is answered or a missed call. 

Unfortunately, many inbound phone calls go unanswered or are never followed up with. CallAction intelligent automation solves the missed call problems. 

  • Missed call text message automated reply

  • Missed calls are logged into your CRM eliminating data-entry

CallAction helps you answer your phone calls with a pre-call text message notification to forewarn you of an inbound call to increase your answer rates. Answered calls also have text automation to create more engagement. 

  • Answered calls can be recorded, transcribed and sync into your CRM via API integrations

  • Follow-up with answered calls with a text message to create engagement

Here is a quick overview of CallAction call automations. 

Video Overview of Call Automation Settings

Review the step by step guide to CallAction call automations below. 

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Missed Call Text Message Automation

Details of missed call automations. Following are the missed call automation settings.

First Message  

Automated missed call text message sent after a missed call if the call is less than 55 secs. Calls longer than 55 seconds, even if missed, will not receive the miss call automation.

This can be personalized with merge fields and will always end with "How can I help you?" to create engagement. 

Pro Tip: Add your website address in the text message to drive offline traffic to your website for retargeting online.

Edit First Missed Call Text Message Settings

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Click on Manage of the Number you wish to edit

  4. Click on Call Settings button

  5. Click on Call Automations to open templates

  6. Edit the First Message field
    Tip: Include your website and merge fields

  7. Click Save

Second Message Settings

The second text message is sent after 4 mins if the caller responded to the first message and you did not respond. This is to continue the lead engagement and help qualify the caller intent.

  1. Same steps as above

  2. Edit the Second Message
    Tip: Include link to your calendar and an image of your reviews to build credibility. 

  3. Click Save

What happens if a caller doesn't respond to the first text message? CallAction continues the lead follow-up with the non-responsive lead follow-up text.

Non-responsive Lead Follow-up Text Automations

If a caller does not respond to the automated first missed call text reply above, CallAction provides 3 follow-up automations to ensure there are no lost sales opportunities. 

Let's start with the nudge text reply message. 

Follow-up Nudge Text

This text message is sent to a lead who did not respond to the first missed call text message. The nudge text is sent after 45 mins by default and is simple: 

"Hi, following up again for you missed call from awhile ago. How can I help you?"

Missed Call Voicemail Follow-Up Drop Settings

This is a ringless voicemail that is sent automatically 15 mins after the nudge text and a total of 1 hour after a missed call to a non-responsive inbound caller lead. 

  1. Same steps as above

  2. Turn ON the Voicemail Follow Up Drop

  3. Click Setup Voicemail Drop to record message

  4. Follow prompts to record a message

  5. Select missed call voicemail follow-up message

  6. Click Save

You have now automated three follow-up attempts to for every missed call from a mobile number or VOIP number. 

Note: for calls from landlines we send you a text notification to manually follow-up with the lead. 

Non-responsive Caller Follow-up Drip Campaign Settings

If still no response from the previous 3 follow-up attempts to a missed call, you can automate a long-term lead follow-up drip campaign to continue following up with the missed inbound caller.

  1. Same steps as above

  2. Turn ON the Follow-Up Drip Campaign

  3. Select your Follow-Up Drip Campaign
    Tip: You can select an a drip campaign template or create your own drip campaign.

  4. Click Save

This follow-up drip campaign will continue to run until the lead responds. 

These missed call automation ensure that 100% of you missed inbound calls are followed up with long term to maximize your lead conversion.

Answered inbound calls can also need follow-up. 

Answered Calls Automations

This automation is designed to further engage inbound callers to start a text message conversation. You can turn ON the answered call follow-up text. This will send a delayed text message to callers with whom you had a conversation of a specific call length. 

Call Follow-up Text Message Settings

  1. Same steps as above

  2. Turn ON the Call Follow Up Text

  3. Select the answered Call Length to fire automation

  4. Select the time delay to send the text message after the call has ended.

  5. Personalize your outbound Call Follow-up Text

  6. Attach an optional media message like an image or video 

  7. Click Save

This will deliver the text message to the caller with whom you spoke with. The text message will typically receive a response. Now callers can search their text messages to find you to call you back in the future.

The last call automation is a vCard to get your contact information into the callers contacts / address book.

Automated vCard Text Message Settings

vCards are sent one time after either an answered or missed call. You can personalize the vCard with all of your contact information. 

The vCard text is sent 30 secs after the last answered call or missed call text reply automation.

  1. Same steps as above

  2. Turn ON the vCard Text

  3. Edit the outbound vCard text reply message

  4. Click Save

Congratulations, you have setup all inbound call automation. These text message reply's and automation should be personalized for each of your campaign numbers. 

After engaging an inbound lead, automate your long-term lead nurture by assigning a drip campaign to each contact. 

Free 14-Day Trial of CallAction Call Automations

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