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vCard / Contact Info Text Message

How to Automatically Share Your Contact Info via vCard Text

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Helping You Get Your Calls Answered with vCard Text Message Automation

You want your leads and clients to remember you. One of the most important places you can be is in a persons' contact list on their mobile phone.

We help you automate the process to get your contact info on your leads mobile phone via a text message.

Why is this important? Most people only answer calls if they recognize the "Caller ID" information. When we send out the vCard and your leads click on the contact record, all of your contact info is instantly inserted into their contact list. When you call, text or email, you will automatically appear on their "Caller ID".

You can also include emojis and a short MMS video to your text message to increase your overall lead conversions by connecting with consumers via video. 

CallAction will automatically send your contact info vCard after the first phone call, second text message or email lead text messages. This ensures that 100% of your leads have your contact information making it easier for them to contact you and share your info via word of mouth referrals.

Setup Your vCard Profile on CallAction

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on your "Name" in top right

  3. Click on "Profile"

  4. Click on "vCard"

  5. Complete all contact information (note: we will automatically include your CallAction phone number as the main contact number)

  6. Tip: Title, Role & Notes.  Be sure to complete these fields and include general & specific keywords that contacts would use to find you or a business like you. (i.e.  "Seattle Realtor")

  7. Click "Save"

Activate Automated vCard Text Message

Now that your vCard is setup you can activate your vCard text message automation.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Phone Numbers

  3. Scroll down to "vCard Text"

  4. Turn "ON" vCard text

  5. Personalize your outgoing "vCard" text message.
    Tip: you can include emojis which increase lead conversion.

  6. Optional: you can add a video to your outgoing MMS text message.

That's it. You are now automatically delivering your contact info to all of your leads with CallAction lead engagement automation.

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