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How to set Mojo dialer Caller ID with a CallAction number

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Set Mojo Dialer Caller ID

Mojo dialer is one of the most popular auto dialers for real estate agents. If you make calls using the Mojo dialer system, you can set your CallAction number as the caller id.  

Consumers will call back the missed caller number on their phones which is your CallAction number allowing to capture and identify the responding leads.

Benefits of setting a CallAction number as the caller id on your Mojo dialer. 

There are more benefits, now let's setup the integration.

Select Your CallAction Number

  1. Login to your CallAction account

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Select a number to use or add a new number

  4. Click Manage button

  5. Set your Campaign name to identify calls

  6. Click Save

Setting Up Mojo Dialer Caller ID

  1. Go to your Mojo Login

  2. Click on Settings in top right

  3. Click on Power Dialer on left

  4. Click on Caller ID

  5. Click Add Caller ID button

  6. Enter your CallAction phone number

  7. Enter a Name

  8. Click Verify

  9. Answer the incoming verification call to your CallAction number

  10. Follow instructions to verify your number

Done, now when all of your call back from your dialing session will automatically be captured and track. You can also distribute the incoming calls to multiple people using our call broadcast system

Try this Mojo Power Dialer / CallAction Integration Today

You can try this CallAction integration for 14-days free when you signup for a CallAction free trial. You'll be able to select a local phone number to improve your call back rate.

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