How to Block Spam Calls

Learn how to block spam calls to your CallAction numbers using our built-in spam call blocker and filter setting.

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Spam Call Blocker

Block the majority of incoming spam calls using the CallAction spam call filter setting. This spam filter setting in addition to our system wide filters will help block calls coming for VOIP numbers used by multi-line dialers and robodialers by requiring an interaction for the inbound caller.

How Does the CallAction Spam Filter Work

Enabling the CallAction spam filter will check to see if an incoming call is coming from a VOIP number. If it is, it will play a recording requesting the caller to press a random 1-9 number to connect the call. If the caller does not press the correct number they are disconnected and your phone never rings. They can call back anytime.

Important Note: Do not enable spam filter on CallAction phone numbers used for receiving incoming calls from Zillow, Realtor, Homelight, Google LSA, etc to avoid inadvertently blocking incoming live transfers.

How to Enable Spam Call Filter

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Click on Manage of a specific number

  4. Click on Call Settings

  5. Toggle Spam Caller Filter to ON

That is it, you have enabled the spam caller filter.

What Happens to Filtered Callers

Callers are still created but are automatically archived from the conversation view. There is a note that will be created indicating the caller was filtered.

If the same caller calls back in the future and successfully presses the required number to connect, the original caller will be automatically unarchived and displayed in your conversation window.

You may then choose to permanently block the caller from one or all of your numbers using the block caller setting.

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