Making Outbound Calls using Follow Up Boss Embedded App

You can make outbound calls using your CallAction phone number directly from within the Follow Up Boss CRM using the embedded app for a completely seamless lead follow-up workflow.

This does require that you have the CallAction embedded app enabled in your FUB CRM and that you have our sales dialer enabled.

This workflow helps increase your outbound call connect rates especially after Apple iOS 13 filter unknown callers was released.

How to Make an Outbound Call from Follow Up Boss

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss CRM

  2. Select a Person / Contact in Follow Up Boss

  3. Click on the Call button in the embedded app

Outbound calls are logged into your Follow Up Boss CRM as outbound calls and can be recorded and transcribed.

If you receive a call back while you are on another call, your CallAction missed call automation will trigger and reply to start a text conversation with the incoming caller.

If you are struggling with lead follow up, you can try CallAction sales automation platform on a free trial.

Start a Free Trial of CallAction + Follow Up Boss

If you are looking to add text message automation to your Follow Up Boss CRM, you can start a free trial. We'll help you revive old leads during the free trial.

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