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Turn On CallAction App in Follow Up Boss
Turn On CallAction App in Follow Up Boss

Learn how to turn on the CallAction as a Follow Up Boss embedded app from the Follow Up Boss Integrations page.

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How to embed CallAction into Follow Up Boss

Assign text drip campaigns and send text messages directly within the Follow Up Boss CRM interface by activating the FUB embedded CallAction app.

You can try the CallAction + Follow Up Boss integration with a free trial of CallAction.

How to Add CallAction App to Follow Up Boss

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss

  2. Click on Admin

  3. Click on Integrations

  4. Scroll down to Embedded Apps

  5. Click on CallAction

  6. Click on Enable

Done! You now have CallAction text messaging and drip campaigns available to use directly within the Follow Up Boss CRM interface.

Next, we recommend you take the following actions.

Add Text Message Campaigns to Follow Up Boss CRM

If you are not currently a CallAction sales engagement platform user, you can setup a free trial in less than 10 mins.

You'll be able to multi-step drip campaigns that include text messages, image / gif text, ringless voicemails and other actions to contacts directly within Follow Up Boss.

Learn why top real estate teams and coaches like Tom Ferry recommend CallAction in these reviews.

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