Move the CallAction App to Top of Follow Up Boss

Change the position of the CallAction integrated app in your Follow Up Boss to the top right for faster text messaging, assigning of drip campaigns of syncing of contacts.

Move Follow Up Boss Embedded App Position

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss CRM

  2. Click on People view

  3. Click on the Name of a Person

  4. Mouse to the right side of embedded app

  5. You'll see 8 dots and the to select using ✛

  6. Click and hold down and drag to top

Done, you'll now have easy access to assign drip campaigns, send text messages or sync contacts. Make sure you have your Follow Up Boss API key integrated into CallAction.

Add Text Drip Campaigns to Follow Up Boss with CallAction Embedded

Try a free trial of to use as an embedded app directly within the Follow Up Boss crm.

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